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Sailng on Windwanderer.
13th Aug 2013
Tuesday 13th August 2013

Tuesday 13th August 2013

Day 7

4.30am my watch.

Man it was hard when you are woken up, but The Captain, let me sleep for 4 1/2 hours,
Which was great, I just wish it was 8 1/2 hours..haha

So not much is happening, we are still heading for Ecuador, still motor sailing, still rocking and rolling all over the place.
And once again trying to stay awake.

It seems all you do is sleep, do your watch, eat a little, and try and keep yourself from sleeping.

7pm my watch
We have had quite a busy day.
I decided that we desperately needed to do some washing, and today was the day, it was actually the most sunny day we have had here in a long time, and the seas were quite gentle.
So off I set I actually washed them in the kitchen sinks, I have been doing this for awhile now and do the big things like towels and sheets in the buckets outside.

Now all washed am sitting here with a huge amount of clothes, and trying to work out the best way to hang them out, The Captain says just hang them on the life rails.
Thats  fine at anchor, if they blow off its not that bad to jump in the dingy and go after them, but out here that's not gonna happen.

So out comes the line and we thread it all through the armholes, legs you name it we did it, we did sections at a time, and the Captain would tie off each section as we went along, then we would peg them, and on it went, until we had almost the whole side of the boat looking like a Chinese laundry, once again.
At least hanging them like this you don't need to worry, too much about them blowing away, but I still, check them a lot, just in case.

So the fishing activity is stepping up some, today the reel starts clicking away, and up I jump, we had decided that this time, if I managed to hook another one, that we would let it stay on the line for awhile to let it tire itself out.

This was so hard to do I tell you, I tightened up the tension, and sat watching on a bean bag, at the back of the boat, every now and them i would reel in a bit of line.

As it got closer, I could see it jumping out of the water, I was so excited, to the point I was even working out where to clean it, how to cook it you name it...hahah

So after what seemed like hours of me sitting reeling in some more, it finally come into sight, it was a Mahi Mahi,  man I was so excited The Captain, was ready with the net to catch it we got it right up to the back of the  boat, and it was huge at least two and a half feet long, and yeap once again my great fishing skills came out to play, and off the hook it goes, man there was a fair amount of pirate language happening.

But in a way it did not bother me too much, as they are such pretty fish bright greens and blues, that I think I would have had a hard time killing it and cleaning it.

I think I just love the game itself, more so than the actually kill, but it would of been so so nice to land that sucker I tell you.
 And on it goes, both the lines are out again, awaiting the next escape artist...haha

Well tomorrow is another day.

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