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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 24th Aug 2013
Saturday 24th August 2013

Saturday 24th August 2013

Day 6

04°34'S.  89°36'W

2830nm to go

5am my watch

Well I had a bad night, with tummy pain, and coughing, The Captain ended up, hunting out some cough mixture, for me, which tasted horrible, but it worked.

I finally slept, but I still feel like I have had none, at all.

We still have shocking seas, and the wind is all over the place, I'm jumping up every five minutes to hit a few degrees this way and that.
The Captain has been at it all night, and is now sleeping.

As for my fish, no idea what is happening there, as its still dark.

6pm my watch

Well we are getting hammered, this is just shocking, I hate it.
The wind is blowing so fast I have no idea what kts it's doing, as our wind nav thingy is still not working, am kinda glad it's not, cause I'm scared enough as it is.

Then we can talk about the waves, man these are huge, and keep crashing over the boat.
Every time one hits water pours into the saloon, am not really sure how, and almost all the hatches are leaking again.
And just to add to the mix, we get really strong gusts, and the boat heals over so far that everything is flying around down there as well, are we having fun yet?

Well tomorrow is another day.

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