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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 24th Sep 2013
Tuesday 24th September 2013

Tuesday 24th September 2013

Day 2

11°10'S. 142°13'W

575nm  to go.


Well here I sit having had a few hours sleep, man it's been rough again, the wind picked up big time and The Captain has been fiddling with sails most of his watch.

I tried so hard to sleep, and did managed a few hours so I guess that better than none.

We have had rain on and off all day and have done nothing but zip the covers up and down all day.
It's getting hot again, so you cannot keep the covers down for too long.

And now, we have no wind, from around lunch time, the wind has dropped off to nothing, and when we do get some, it's just in all different directions.
the Captain has been busy all day changing and fiddling with sails, but most times, we can not get past 2 knts.

This is crazy it will take us weeks and weeks to get there.

As for my fishing, I'm a bit too tired to bother at the moment, but I did find a Huge flying fish on deck, so decided I just couldn't let that go to waste, so rerigged my hand line, and that's been out all day with no luck at all, tomorrow I'll fiddle with my rod and put that out as well.

Talking about fish, I made a fish and veggie pie for dinner tonight, and after cooking for almost 3 hours, I have a problem with the potatoes we have here.
They don't seem to cook like normal potatoes, back home. They are very yellow in colour and they just don't cook right.
I have tried several times to make hot chips, or fries for you Americans, but they don't go crunchy at all, and last night I tried to boil them to make mash potatoes, and just could not get them soft enough.

But the pie turned out great, thank god, because I had made a big pan of it.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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