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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 7th Oct 2013
Monday 7th October 2013

Monday 7th October 2013

Well we are hoping to get away tomorrow, with any luck.

So of coarse we have been racing all day, who ever says this is an easy life, well you need to see us in pre ocean mode.
Man we cram so much into the last few days its crazy, it's like we are possessed, no wonder we always sail out of a place so totally exhausted.

So we make a final list, and off we go, The Captain needed to go into the main town, to see Port Authority, to fix up some paperwork.
As luck had it Eric came over and offered The Captain a lift into town, which was great.

We jump into our dingy and off they go and leave me to go do the grocery's.
But first I have to walk there, this is something I really did not want to do, not only is it the hottest day ever, I know I say that a lot as well but it really is an over hot one today.
And I gotta walk in it, but I eventually get there cursing everyone and everything...hahaha bitching like crazy.

But at least it's air conditioned inside, yes may just stay here all day, so I start provisioning and cursing once again about these shocking prices, but what can you do.

The Captain finally comes back to meet me, we finish off the last little bit, then off to pay, you really do not want to know what this little exercise cost us, other than we may need to sell our souls soon...haha

Now the big trip back this time pushing and pulling a trolley, over dirt footpaths if you can call them that more like dirt tracks, one pushing and one trying to steer, but we made it sweat pouring and back to the dock.
Now to get it all into the dingy, I climb in first the Captain passes everything to me and I pack it all around me, he then climbs in and off we go to the boat, dodging reefs and a huge block of cement type thing that we hit the other day, it's partly submerged and yeap we were so busy looking at the water, that we hit it, was a bit scary as we thought the dingy would of for sure got a hole in it but all was ok, thank god.
So very carefully we make our way back to the boat, this time I climb up first and The Captain passes everything up to me, then down they all have to go so we ferry this lot done into the boat, by this time I'm feeling like I'm gonna pass out from the heat, so I race and have a cold shower, then I'm faced with sorting replacing jotting down it all so I can add it to my provisioning list, of where it is all going.

Half way through The Captain needed to go to shore to see if the shroud was fixed so he could put that back in place, and so I down tools gather all my washing and head off with him.
Am sitting here in the marinas laundry washing and drying the clothes sweating once again and cursing everything, and this is almost costing more than the groceries, an to put me in a better mood the dryer is crap, we ended up taking it all back to the boat and hanging it up here, in the dark yeap it took that long.

So once again we sit with the boat looking like a Chinese laundry, stepping over groceries and just too plain exhausted to do anything else but have a few nice homemade Dark and Stormy's.
I say home made as you can't buy ginger beer here, or at any of the islands, and you can't have a dark and stormy without ginger beer and of coarse Bermuda's fine dark rum.
I found a Jamie Oliver's version of ginger beer and if I do say so myself it's a fine drop...haha

Well tomorrow is another day.

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