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Sailng on Windwanderer.
9th Oct 2013
Wednesday 9th October 2013

Wednesday 9th October 2013

Well we have woken up to this place and man is it pretty and yeap we have a million pics to prove it...haha

Actually words can not explain it it's just stunning, but I gotta run as The Captain is biting at the bit to get going the next stop is Raiatea this is an overnight one and with luck we will be there sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Well here we are again, it's 9pm my watch.
It's a beautiful night gentle seas and gently wind, we are only doing about 3knts but that's fine as we don't want to get to the next island at nighttime, we may even by pass Raiatea and just go to Bora Bora, it is actually the way this ship of ours seems to want to go anyway, or the wind at least.
We are not sure yet I guess we will just have to wait and see.

We have had another sail boat in the distance following us all day, but right at the moment I have no idea where they are. But there is a ship on the radar  off our starboard side about 4nm out but I know that's not the sail boat as they should be on our port side.
I can see lights in the distance, The Captain has just woke up for his watch he checked on the radar it seems to be a ship and its 12nm away, so it must be one big ship.

Well I'm off to sleep, 

Well tomorrow is another day.

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