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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 7th Nov 2013
Thursday 7th November 2013

Thursday 7th November 2013

Well another hot one in downtown Marina, and man is it hot today, I think this is the hottest so far, you know it's hot when the locals start complaining about the heat.

Bek and I decided to go into the main town to do some shopping and do some provision.
They have guys here that will take you anywhere you want and they just wait for you, it's usually a standard price of around $60, Fiji dollars. Which is around $35 Aus which is not bad.
So off we went we wanted to find some cheap clothes so we asked him to find us a store well he drops us off and said he will come in and get us, we walk up these dodgy steps into what is like a salvos, not really what we were looking for, so we go out to wait for him, poor Bek was so worried as she has never been in a third world country before I was trying to reassure her that this place is nice compared to the others, we have been to.
We ended up walking to a few other stores and the driver managed to find us, and we even made it back to his car without getting our throats cuts, am sure Bek thought we would...haha

Then onto the supermarket this one they tell us is the best to do all our provision, well, not only was it so so expensive and I ran out of money but there really was not a lot here at all.
So strike two.
Then onto the fruit and veg markets after a quick stop to get more money. Now we have been to a few of these markets so I knew Bek would like these, they are just an open covered area, which made Bek happy as she does not want to get sunburnt, and the food is so so cheap we ended up with bags and bags of stuff, we sure will be eating healthy for the next few days.
Then the dreaded trip back with all to the boat and me having to find places for it all to go, that took almost the rest of the day, but I did manage to get some oiling done on the outside of the boat which was great.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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