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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 28th Nov 2013
Thursday 28th November 2013

Thursday 28th November 2013

23  32’S, 160  55E

473nm to go

Day 3


Well today is much the same as yesterday its rough and uncomfortable, but it has settled down a lot, we are not doing much other than sleeping reading and playing games.

I still have no fishing lines out yet as it’s still too rough, maybe tomorrow.

The highlight of the day well actually it was early hours of the morning, when The Captain woke up for our watch change, which I might add we are not doing real well, I seem to sleep a lot through the day, so I’m not that tired at night so I let The Captain just sleep till he wakes up, he usually sleeps 5-6 hours than I go have around the same amount of sleep, its working so far so why change it.

Anyway getting back to the highlight of the day, when The Captain woke up and I was just about to lay down, I looked out in the darkness and you should have seen the show that the ocean and stars put on.

Man the phosphorescent in the water just turned the ocean into a thousand sparkling stars, it was like magic, than we looked up to the sky, now I know I have said this before but the stars were so bright and thousands of them shining the sky almost looked like it was daylight. It was like the Ocean and the sky were both reflecting off each other. We both just sat there taking it all in, words really cannot explain how it really looks like, but this is one part of ocean crossing that makes it so special. The rest the saying goes, (Ocean crossings are mostly boredom interrupted with sheer terror.)

Well tomorrow is another day.

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