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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 28th Apr 2014
Monday 28th April 2014

Monday 28th April 2014

Well we made it, we are safely anchored in Coffs Harbour.
But man is it a rocky anchorage, I think I'm going to run out of seasick pills real quick the way I'm going...haha

Last Monday Bek, Anthony and Tim come out to the boat, we were going to move back to Shoal Bay, as it was a bit rocky here, but after doing stuff around here first we left it a bit late, but still it was not too bad.
We had a great catch up and a lovely afternoon, but all too soon we had to say goodbye, and yes the tears flowed thick and fast after dropping them off, at least I waited till they were gone this time, it's just so hard saying goodbye, it breaks my heart every time.

But my boy came out again Tuesday afternoon this time with Tiarna, it's the first time she has seen the boat, we went for a little poodle around but not for long as it was getting dark, I so wish they could join us one day for a sail, I know Tim would love it. 
Anyway after dinner I got Tim and Tiarna to drive me to the local shopping centre to get a few groceries.
Well this should have been any easy trip yeah, well let me tell you riding a dingy in the dark, with just a little torch to show you the way, dodging buoy's that you can't see till your on top of them, thanks Tim great spotting...haha
Then we get to shore now it's the beach we have to land on climb out in knee deep water, and drag the dingy up on the beach, no problems we have done this before.

Well yesterday when we came ashore with the kids we noticed thousands of crab holes just under the water, now you know grab pots are my number one hate, but I tell you crabs on a beach, has to be right up next to them.
We come close to the beach shine the torch on the sand and it is alive with tiny blue crabs, I'm not talking just a few here, there were hundreds of them, the whole god damn beach was full of them, I took one look and said you got to be kidding me, there is no way I'm crossing that.

Well we had too, poor Tiarna had the same feeling as me, the guys were just laughing, us girls took a big breath and ran and screamed across them, man it was horrible I could feel them crawling over my feet, but the worse was I knew I had to come back over them.
We managed to calm down enough and off we went shopping, The Captain stayed to keep watch on the dingy.

Well back we came, we said goodbye and yeah I cried once again, than almost cried again knowing I had to face these damn crabs again.
I tell you it took all my strength to run across them again, I'm sure I took a flying leap landed in the dingy and told The Captain that he would have to push us back into deep water as there was no way in hell I was getting out again.
We had to use the paddles to get us out deeper, and it was such a lovely night we decided to just paddle all the way to the boat without using the engine, it helped Soothe my nerves a lot and we had a nice peaceful night on the boat.

I have to say Coffs Harbours anchorage sucks, we have tried everything to stop this vessel of ours to stop rolling so much, to putting out a bit of the main sail and putting out a stern anchor, neither helped, I have been seasick the whole time, and to make matters worse it has poured rain for the last day or so, which has resulted in everything getting wet again, man this boat sure lives up to its name, Leaky Teaky, I will be so glad to leave in the morning, four days of broken sleep, being seasick, rolling all over the place and the constant rain has taken its toll, I can't wait to get out of here.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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