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Sailng on Windwanderer.
4th Jun 2014
Wednesday 4th June 2014

Wednesday 4th June 2014.

Man where has the time gone, we have now been back in Australia for 6 months now, it's crazy how quick it's gone, we only have 6 more months and they will be kicking us out of the country.
Well actually we are allowed to stay just not our home, it's a sad state of affairs when your own country won't allow you to live in your own home any longer than 12months, yeah I know it's a boat but it's still our home, and it still makes my blood boil every time I think about how Australia has treated us.
But all those officials are stuck in their lame life and we are free to go anywhere we want, maybe not stay as long as we want, but we are free...ok rant over haha

Anyway it's early morning and we are anchored off Lady Musgrave Island, surrounded by beautiful aqua blue water, yeap we are back in it, I so love the colour of this water and will never ever get sick of looking at it.
We are in a bay surrounded by a huge coral reef, it was very hairy getting in here I tell you, with The Captain at the wheel and me on the bow sprit yelling out directions to avoid all the coral, Bek and Ant know what I'm talking about, and yeap it was just as bad as Fiji.
But we made it without hitting any of it thank God.
The trip here was a good run, not much wind, so we had to motor sail the whole time, but it was not too rough, the swell was steady with a few washing machine action every now and then.

It's a little bit lively here and all night you could hear the waves crashing all around us on the reef, but I slept like a baby, after weeks hardly getting any decent sleep being tied to a marina, I think I'm meant to be in the ocean, maybe I was a mermaid or something in a former life, yeah I know more likely  I was a whale or a shark, but a mermaid sounds so much nicer...haha

It's overcast at the moment and we have had a few short showers of rain, but we are going to drop the dingy into the water and go over to the island and explore it a bit, we are thinking of going for a swim and snorkel but not while it's still overcast, as you all know dusk, night and overcast days are a real no no, just maybe too many sharks around.
Oh and we have no Internet or phone reception, it's peaceful but man I am sure missing it, we sent a few emails off last night to let family and friends know we were here safe, with Sail Mail, and it took us ages to work out how to use it again...haha

Well tomorrow is another day.

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Diary Photos
4th Jun 2014  Image
My favourite colour.

4th Jun 2014  Image
Another view of the water rainbow.

4th Jun 2014  Image
Storm clouds.

4th Jun 2014  Image
If you look close you will see a water rainbow on the horizon.

4th Jun 2014  Image
Lady Musgrave island

4th Jun 2014  Image
That little yellow spot is the island and the green all around it is the reef we had to avoid.

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