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Sailng on Windwanderer.
12th Jul 2014
Saturday 12th July 2014

Saturday 12th July 2014

Well we are up bright and early, well maybe not so bright, but we are on the move.
We left just on daylight, as we have a big distance to go today, actually this will be are longest day trip so far, we are trying to reach Cape Melville by sunset, if we can stick to 6knts all the way we will make it.

Lizard Island has a bit of a history, the famous actor Lee Marvin, used to come here marlin fishing and would fly back to America and tell all his friends about it, and more and more would come he made the island very popular.

Than there was a family who lived here many years before, it was two guys a wife and child and they had two Chinese servants.
They used to go out collecting sea slugs, and made a living off them.
One day they were out collection them when aborigines, attacked the wife, they killed one of the servants and injured the other, the wife, baby and the injured Chinese guy all got into a cauldron that they used for boiling these slugs or to be fancy they are called "Beche- de-mer" and set to sea, the tides took them to another island but sadly they all died from thirst.
Their house is still there and the bay is now known as Watson's  Bay.

Going back a few more years, Captain Cook landed here and was so stressed out about trying to get through all the Coral Reefs, we sure know that feeling.
That twice he walked up a huge mountain here to see if he could see a better way through, but each time he went up, it was too misty to see anything, and decided to go back another way to get through.

So now you have all had a major history lesson....haha 
I'll go back to the horrible rocking and rolling, and reef spotting ourselves.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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Diary Photos
12th Jul 2014  Image
Full moon tonight.

12th Jul 2014  Image
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12th Jul 2014  Image
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