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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 29th Aug 2014
Friday 29th August 2014

Friday 29th August 2014

Day 2
11pm 1764nm to go.

Well am sitting here and feeling very very tired, in around 30 mins I will be waking The Captain up, so I can have some sleep I sure need it.

Today we had a bit of excitement, we were very close to a major shipping lane, and were watching several ships on the radar, we had to cross this shipping lane so we were keeping a keen eye out for ships, it's funny whenever we come up to one of these lanes I always think we will see something that marks it as a major highway for ships, I don't know maybe traffic lights, stop signs, give way signs, hell even just some buoys here and there, but no there never is anything only a track on the chart plotter to say where it is.

One of these ships was quite close to us when all of a sudden we get a call over the radio, saying vessel in such and such position, well I look at where we are and it's us they are calling, at first we thought it was the ship, then a plane came into view, ah the Customs patrol again, they asked us the usually questions then went off to fly over the ship, we listened to them calling them also, and they said they were going to do some practice fly overs of the ship, we watched them doing their training with a bit of excitement, then off they fly to the next ship out here. 
I guess they most likely get bored too, imagine flying around all day and not spotting anything.

And the big excitement was I caught a fish, the reel starts singing away,  I race up and  slowly start to reel it in, with great excitement when I see it jump into the air, I think it was a tuna, when all of a sudden things start going crazy, there is a major tug and all goes quiet, damn another one lost, I start reeling it in hoping I still have my lure.

This lure was one of my new ones a white one as well, which is supposed to attract Tuna and stuff, as I'm reeling it in still not a hundred percent sure that I did lose the fish, when I see my lure yes I still have it but there was something behind it.
At first I thought it was a huge clump of weed but it was not making sense, why was it not attached to the lure, then it came into view it was a massive shark, now I'm not talking Jaws here but man it was a big mother.
It was just following my lure about a foot behind it, and I can tell you it was freaking me out big time.
At least I know what happened to my fish the shark got it, I eventually got the line all the way in and the shark just disappeared,  I drop it back over board when it strikes Oh man did it take off, I had no hope in hell of landing this mother and not wanting to either, but I didn't want to lose my lure either.
So this major tug a war was happening me on one side the Shark on the other and yeap the shark won, off it swims with a new lip piecing damn.

I decided to leave the line on board for awhile until it decided to leave us alone and go and terrorise another sailing vessel.
Just another strong reason why we do not want to fall over board, man it was scary.

Well tomorrow is anther day.

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