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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 5th Sep 2014
Friday 5th September 2014

Friday 5th September 2014

Day 9

9pm 1138nm to go.

Well I woke up to a bit of excitement today.

We could see two ships on the horizon,  they were around 6nm away, we could only just make out their superstructure, which looked very weird and very white, they also looked like there were two smaller vessels very close to them as well.

Well now all the conspiracy theories started coming out, I had them pegged as pirate boats attacking and The Captains was navel Vessels checking them out.
We were both like two nosey neighbours, with a pair of binoculars each checking them out, but just could not really work out what was happening.

The worse thing was that we were never going to get close enough to the action as per usual we had no wind, so were going very slow.

But as luck had it all our answers were answered, as one of the boats came a bit closer and it turned out just to be a massive cargo vessel what we thought was a second boat was actually the front of these vessels, serious they were 299meters long they were huge they came up on the AIS ( it also tells us the size of the vessel ).

So after that little bit of excitement finished we had a run of these vessels, we must of been in a shipping lane as they were all around us for half a day, then through the night we saw a lot of smaller fishing vessels.

We struggled with the Rabbit again today, this time we put it out on the port side, but made a fatal mistake as we have a spare anchor, attached to the rails.
As it was furling out it got itself tangled around the anchor and ripped. There was a lot of pirate language going down on here.

But we managed to free it, it has two small holes that The Captain will try and repair tomorrow and we just hope it last today without ripping any further.

This has kinda made The Captain in a depressed mood, yesterday it was me today it's him, at least we are both not in the same moods at the same time....haha

I have to say it's been 9 days and we are not even half way there yet, with no wind, having to run the engine way more than we want, things breaking down once again, it starting to wear us out.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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