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Sailng on Windwanderer.
19th Sep 2014
Friday 19th September 2014

Friday 19th September 2014

Well another day in Paradise, but unfortunately it can't all be fun and games, today was wash day.

Now as you know we have no generator working, so it means I can not use my you beaut baby Washing Machine.
So out comes my trusty buckets, oh joy.

I have a mental amount of sheets and towels to wash, and as they use a lot of water to wash we decided to load it all up in the dingy and take it ashore.
They have a water tank here, that catches rainwater, it's not fit to drink but washing is fine.

I also wanted to download some stuff on one of the computers, and upload photos on my ipad, so with the dingy threatening to sink we head off.
Get it all ashore set up my trusty buckets and get to work.
While the first lot is soaking I race back to a nearby table and start downloading all my stuff this went on almost all day, racing back and forth, washing checking downloads, filling buckets of water rinsing, ringing it out, it just never seemed to end.

The next problem is where are we going to hang it? Well when on a tropical Island where else but palm trees.
So The Captain hangs up rope from one tree to the next, after several attempts he gets it right, I load up a bucket full of clean clothes, start to walk over to hang them up and drop half in the sand....I was not happy.

So I hang the clean stuff up and come back with the extra dirty ones to start again, have you ever tried to wash sand by hand out of towels? It sure is not easy.
But eventually after getting The Captain to bring more rope to shore, we managed to hang it all out.

So back to the computers am sitting here all by myself no one else on the entire island, feet up off the sand, (there is a mental amount of Hermit Crabs around, so feet are always up when I sit here.)
I have Chickens running around all over the place, and one lands on my computer, yeah only in Paradise...haha

Well tomorrow is another day.

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