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Sailng on Windwanderer.
26th Oct 2014
Sunday 26th October 2014

Sunday 26th October 2014

Day 20

37.7nm to go

Do you see that 37.7nm yeah we are almost there.
Around 7am this morning we started seeing land on the horizon, man it's sure is exciting to be almost there.

Well it would be exciting if we were not so warn out, strung out, tired, over it all, it really has been a tough one.

When someone asked us which is the worst crossing we alway say Noumea to Brisbane, but it was only a bad 4 days, this one has been bad the whole time, the whole 20 days, we have not enjoyed it one bit.

I'm my case, I guess it was a lot to do with my arm and hand being so sore, which I might add still is, with it out of action and trying to move around the boat hanging on, cooking cleaning, actually everything I did made it hurt, even trying to sleep was hard with the pain constantly waking me up, I don't think my kidneys, liver whatever it is that gets affected with too much medication will ever recover, I have taken so much pain killers, I've almost turned into a junkie..haha

And then we get to the seasickness, man I have had it bad this time, the pills I have for that, most of the time work great, not this trip 5 times I have thrown up, usually I just feel sick, but this one was just way too rough.

As for The Captain, not only has he suffered through the rough stuff as well, he has been really down with all the boat problems, we just can't seem to get ahead with it,
At the moment we are battling with a water leak.
At least we have identified the problem of using too much water, we have a major leak somewhere, but we just can't find it, so this has to be fixed before we move on again.

Also he has battled daily with the water maker, starting and stopping and has spent most days down below nursing it, so we can least have a bit of water.
As per usual we have a list of repairs that need doing.

The generator has to be fixed.
A new heat exchanger on the main engine.
The water leak.
The water maker problems.
The main sail.
And try and do something with the leaks, out of the 14 portholes, 12 are leaking again, this frustrates us so much as everything has water in it, or on it.

But I'm sitting here it's 11.30am I'm leaning back on a bean bag, typing away and holing on...haha
And I am looking at the coast of Mauritius, we still have to get around the other side of the island and down the coast a fair bit, so we will not make it till around 5.30pm.

Mauritius is actually a very big country with over a million people living here, at least it should be a bit more civilised, we were reading in the sailing bible about the country and this is were the Dodo bird came from, it has been extinct since 1710, as the early settlers and passing boats found them easy prey they were about 20kilos in size and could not fly also they only ever laid one egg at a time, and the eggs were very sort after as well. The poor things had no hope at all.

So history lesson over...haha

I'm looking forward to some really nice French pastries and some Rum, oh that's the other thing they are famous for, cheap Rum...haha

Well we are here safe, after  2,275nm and 20 days of hell.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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Diary Photos
26th Oct 2014  Image
Coming into the port.

26th Oct 2014  Image
Crane ship

26th Oct 2014  Image
No Description

26th Oct 2014  Image
No Description

26th Oct 2014  Image
These guys are so big.

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