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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 30th Oct 2014
Thursday 30th October 2014

Thursday 30th October 2014

Today started out full of dramas, where we have been in the marina is reserved for a big boat, he was supposed to be coming in this afternoon which was fine, and there was a boat leaving the same time so we had another spot worked out.

This place is still crazy with boats getting swapped around all the time, serious every time a new boat comes in it's like musical chairs.
So at 8am this morning the security guards come around to tell us we have to move now, as the guy was coming in at 9am.

Yesterday The Captain had gone over and explained that we would be without a working engine for a day or so and they said it would be fine and go ahead with the repair.

Yeap they never talk to each other ever, so they are saying we have to move we are saying we can't move we have no engine, they go off more come back saying we have to move and we are saying how.

They wanted us to organise a tow out of there, yeah We were not happy about this as we would have to pay we told them no and it's not our problem as you guys ok'd it in the first place.

It went back and forth for a fair while with more and more people joining in, eventually it was decided that they would move us back around by the ropes where we were when we first came in.

Why they just did not leave us there in the first place is beyond me, I was really worried about this as they are not boaty people and most do not speak English We tried to explain that our boat is heavy, eventually a guy came up who seemed to run the whole show and he organised for a whole heap of other guys and between all of us we ended up moving two other boats first then they all walked us out the marina around a corner and back where we were the first day.
Talk about stress but all went ok and here we are.

While all this was happening the guys that are fixing our heat exchanger 
Wanted The Captain to go with them in their boat so they could show him what was wrong with it as there was a lot more stuff then they thought.
This started a kinda brotherhood, with The Captain, John the main guys who is doing all the work and the owner.
The owner wanted to meet The. Captain so he and john where ushered into his very nice wood panelled office, where they had coffee and a chat.
Have A Chat here, (The Captain ) had no problem at all with this, they got on really well and it has resulted in them charging us next to nothing to get it all fixed.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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