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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 4th Nov 2014
Tuesday 4th November 2014

Tuesday 4th November 2014

Well after a night of not much sleep at all, as my arm and hand was hurting bad, we decided to go find a local doctor.

Partly because it's been a month and still no better, partly because we have another long and rough voyage ahead of us, and partly because I think The Captain is sick of hearing me complain about it...haha

So off we go over to the security office to find out where to go they talk us into going to the local hospital.
We decided to catch a local taxi, as we could not find it on our map.

We get there and although it's quite modern in appearance it's still has that very third world feel about it.
I was very concerned until one of the local guys kinda took me under his wing and helped us get through it all.

We had to go to this section and that section and told to sit here wait there we think as they did not talk English much.
We eventually got to see a doctor she could talk English ok and she said I needed a X-Ray, where were you Bek my girl when I needed you...haha

But first we had to go to the female section and get my blood pressure and sugar levels checked, the guy from the first area took me in to do the tests, I told him my blood pressure would be high as it always is when I go to get it taken, I get real nervous and this place was not helping at all, and yeap it was sky high, but my sugar levels were good.
He showed us where to go for a X-ray, and said to go back to him later so I could see another doctor for my blood pressure.

So I get the X-ray done, and wait for it then have to go see another doctor, she has a look and nothing is broken, but says I need to have it operated on as soon as possible, well this puts us both in a bit of a shock, apparently she said it was tendinitis and needed to cut the nerves in my wrist.
But can not have it done here so go back home and get it done, we explained that we live on a boat and are not going home yet but sailing to South Africa, so then she said not to do anything heavy no heavy lifting and gave me a bunch of pills, but only take one lot of them at night as they will make you sleepy.

Man they have no idea about sailing, everything is heavy lifting and there is no night time when doing ocean crossings.

She also said ice will help so we will do what we can to help it along I'll try to be careful with it and so it goes, we did not go back to the other doc about my blood pressure because I know me and know it would of been fine the moment we left there, we also do have a blood pressure machine on board so I can check it myself here. 

We eventually get back to the boat, and I have spend most of the afternoon cleaning it, at an easy pace, and being careful.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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