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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 10th Nov 2014
Monday 10th November 2014

Monday 10th November 2014

Well today was the move day, yes we were finally getting out of this Marina/ port.

We have wanted to go to Grande Baie for sometime now, we have been told it's more touristy but at least we will be on anchor again and away from all the hustle and bustle of everything that goes on around here and no more gawkers, yay this one I can't wait to get away from.

About half an hour before we were leaving I cat came in behind us, great as we were going to reverse out to get away from the dock.
They came over to say hi,  and The Captain was in his glory, not only were they South African but had just left there as well, we picked their brains about all the ins and outs, about where to stay where to go and so on.
We got up to date weather windows and all, they were doing a delivery and we chatted for ages.

One of the guys has been sailing most of his life, and said he takes his hat off to us, for sailing such a big boat with just the two of us, and also he thought The Captain was at least ten years younger than he is, so yeah we both had big heads by this time ...haha.

The funny thing was that he knew straight away what kind of boat this is, this came as a bit of a shock to us as, the only people in the world that know this kind of boat are Americans.
He said he sailed on one in his early years in South Africa, we put two and two together and we think it actually was our boat, as it had been in South Africa for around twenty years, talk about a small world.
Eventually they moved their boat into the Marina itself and then came over to help us get off the dock.

I tell you it was not easy, with the wind blowing us back on the dock it took a fair amount of man power to push us off and some brilliant manoeuvring by The Captain, 
But we made it out of the Harbour in one piece.

It took a few hours to get here to Grande Baie and was a bit tense getting in with shallow water and a few reefs here and there, but we made it fine, set the anchor and breathed a sigh of relief.

This lasted about ten minutes when a boat that had come up to us as we were making our way up here, I guess to have a look they waved and took photos, well they started hanging around us here as well, I'm thinking really, do we really have to put up with gawkers here as well?

But they just hung around for awhile than left us in peace.

I really can't tell you how nice it is to be back out on anchor, it feels like we have come home.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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