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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 27th Nov 2014
Thursday 27th November 2014

Thursday 27th November 2014

Day 12

351nm to go.

Well today has turned into a beautiful day. The sun in shining the sea is calm and all feels right in the world again.
I went out on deck early this morning to open up the galley hatches, when I spotted squid next to the dog house window, how it got here is beyond me, but we did have a lot of waves crashing over us so I guess that's how.

This got me back into the fishing mode once again, the lines have been out all the time, but with all the bad weather the last few days I have not been able to check them.
I held up little hope of having any rigging left on them and I was right.

So they are all rigged up nice once again one is sporting a squid and we will see how that goes.

Well this afternoon I caught what I thought was my first fish for this  journey, my rod started singing and I went running, I look out over the side and can see something black flapping around, this was no ordinary fish, I call out to The Captain to come have a look.
As I got closer to the back of the boat I realised it was a sea bird and a big one at that.

Now the dilemma was on, what should we do, I felt so sorry for it, but also knowing that if it had swallowed the hook it had no hope, but also I did not want to loose my lure.
We started to reel it in when I said to The Captain lets just cut the line and be done with it, as we really did not want to take on one very angry bird, with one very large pointy beak.

All the time I was still reeling it in, when it got closer we could see it was only tangled in the line, we were thinking if we got it closer some how we might be able to free it.
And as it happened as I was lifting it up out of the water it freed itself, it flapped around for a bit the flew off, wow that sure was a relief I tell you.

The rest of the day was just drying out towels and doing some laundry.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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