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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 29th Nov 2014
Saturday 29th November 2014

Saturday 29th November 2014

Day 14

176nm to go

Well we had ourselves another bad storm, every night the wind picks up big time.

Just before it was The Captains turn to take over it was starting to get a bit more lively.
The rocking and rolling was taking its toll and having not much sleep I gladly handed it all over to The Captain, and for once I was asleep almost before my head hit the pillow.

It's funny how tuned into all the boat noises and movements even when your asleep you wake the moment something different happens, I guess that's how solo sailers do it, cause we all know you have to sleep.

I could feel the wind picking up, the movement getting wild and knew we were in for another bad one.

Now this may sound bad but I just could not bring myself to get up, I could not face another storm so close to the last one we had.
I am warn out and and so tired, from the strain of it all. I could hear The Captain buzzing around doing this and that, and I know that if he had needed me I would of been up in a flash, but he handled it fine.

So I lay there feeling the boat leaning so far over on its side it was crazy and the waves crashing on top of us, I know I slept on and off, through it all which is amazing in itself, it just shows how warn out I actually am.

Although it was not quite as bad as the last it still was bad, we spend all day trying to mop us the mess.
Everything in the cockpit was wet from the never ending waves crashing onto us, and down below was just shocking.

When you get storms like this everything goes mental down below, everything you think is tied down securely just goes flying anyway, lockers burst open emptying there contents all over the floor, things fly off the benches  baskets of stuff turn upside down and spill out everywhere.

You always start off going down on your hand and knees trying to collect all this lot that is rolling or over the floor, try and put it back where it belongs, only to have it fly off again, after several attempts you end up just leaving it there and deal with it when it all settles down again.

It just amazes me how much of a mess it gets into, in the Vberth I have two large containers of tin food and supplies, these are tied down and are that heavy I have a job to move them myself.
Well this lot had not only spilled open but they were upside down in the opposite direction with can goods flown all over the place some I even found  in baskets on the other side, they would of had to sail through the air to get in there.

And then you get the water that's spurts up the drain pipes, how the hell this happens is beyond me, I can under stand the water that comes out of the toilets as I know how much we heal over on our side, but the drains are a mystery.

And of coarse we had not latched the hatches down in the galley so waves were lifting these and pouring in, and the worse is it's seawater so it never dries properly for ages then leaves a coating of salt everywhere.

So yeah we had one hell of a mess onboard, some was still from the previous storm.

So a big chunk of the day was spent getting it all back in order and it's all now clean and tidy once again, it sure makes me feel better having a clean tidy boat.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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