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Sailng on Windwanderer.
2nd Dec 2014
Tuesday 2nd December 2014

Tuesday 2nd December 2014

Well South Africa, whats can I say.

Robots, Circles, Shame and Russell's.

Now all our South African family and friends back home, please do not get offended, but I am going to take the mickey out of you, besides The Captain rips me off all the time about my accent and weird sayings so it's  time to get my own back.

Out of all The Captains family back home the South African who has the strongest accent is his brother in law Russell, (who I might add I have a very soft spot for and, he makes a great drinking partner.)

So Russell it's you I hear all the time, it's so funny every time I hear someone speak I look up expecting to see you standing there.

The next well it's a saying that gets on my nerves, why? I have no idea, It's the word Shame.
I swear to god every female that lives here says shame, serious is it something you learn at school? within ten minutes being onshore and only talking to two females we must of heard it at least 20 times.
It's not like they say, oh it's a shame or that's a shame it's just the one word "shame"
It actually cracks me up, and I try so hard not to laugh when talking to them.
Actually The Captain says it as well so maybe it's not so much a female thing.

The next is a circle, yeap what we call a roundabout they call circles and then you have The Robots, wait for it, a Robot is a traffic light, this bring me to my knees in laughter, serious on our walk today we asked directions to the Customs office and this guy says " you walk past the first Robot go to the next circle where there are robots on every corner and then you cross the road" well I actually put my hand over my mouth and walked away tears streaming down my face in a fit of laughter.
Serious it's is so so funny, it just cracks me up and of coarse I ripped The Captain off for hours over it...haha

Getting back to our walk, immigration finally made it out to our boat yesterday and all was good, but then we had to take our passports and walk the, "oh it's not far only 800meters up the road spiel" which is more like 5 klms up the road, serious we hear this over and over, a ten minute walk you know is going to take at least an hour.

So after walking are butts off we finally find immigration get our passports stamped,  Then customs is next door we go in there and they take the paperwork from us and that's that.
This took a total of about 2 mins. It's got me beat why they can't just bring the stamp with them and then take the customs form and hand it to these guys as well.
But no that would be way too easy.

So off we set back to the boat, crossing over circles and stopping at robots we managed to find a shop that sold us a SIM card, so now we have a phone again for awhile at least.

On the way there we could see a lot of police standing around with their tape blocking something off on the street.
As we get closer we could see a huge part of a brick wall had fallen down from the side of a building and the poor cars that were parked next to it were almost squashed flat, just lucky no one was inside because I don't think they would of made it out alive, what a mess it was in.

Did we feel unsafe walking the streets not at all, but at one stage I noticed a guy watching us, and another came up to us and asked for money, we grabbed our bags very tightly and hurried on.

We were told that night that a French couple on a boat that got here a few days ago, went bike riding a local had told them not to go in a certain area, and they did, they were assaulted by three guys with knives but all ended well when she screamed and people came to their rescue.

And the best thing about the day, we managed to buy real milk, yes we have had nothing but powdered milk since leaving Australia so this is one big deal, I can't wait to have my coffee in the morning with real milk it's going to be so good.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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