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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 16th Dec 2014
Tuesday 16th December 2014

Tuesday 16th December 2014

The missing last few days.

Well first of all I want to wish The Captain a very happy birthday for last Sunday 14th you mean the world to me buddy and  I love you heaps. xxx 

We spend a lovely day at the local yacht club, they had a carvery put on and we had a group of us to share it with, we drank and ate way too much but it was a good day.

I have been a bit slack and have not written for awhile, to start with it's really hard to get Internet, we can only get it onshore at the yacht clubs here, and often when we get there, the power has gone off, so it's a total waste of time.

We have just been keeping busy with the usual boat stuff, catching up with friends and I have been given a mental amount of hard drives with movies and books on them, so I have been busy downloading them, (don't worry lyn we still need more. :-), )

The weather is not looking good to move on, we have been checking daily but nothing is looking promising for at least another week or so.

This next leg would be down to East London, where The Captain was born and lived for many years, but it is also one of the toughest and roughest coastline to get there, we need a weather window of at least two good days, and it's not looking good.

The other night we had serious weather come through with gusts over 45knts, it was a scary few hours when we were not sure if we and the dock might just float out to sea.

We actually had tickets to see a live show and had to cancel as it was just way too lively, we broke two dock lines and had to dig out the mother of all mothers ropes, these things are so heavy I can hardly lift them, we even broke one of those, I have to say it was very scary, and even scarier than hurricane Sandy, back in America.
We were listening to the hand held radio the whole time and at least 8 cargo ships were in trouble at anchor just outside the harbour, one had even lost two containers overboard and were asking for urgent help, very scary stuff.
This really brought it home on just how much we need to wait for good weather. 

So the decision was made to go on a road trip, I was not too keen on this idea, but we want to spend christmas with The Captains sister and brother in law, and instead of just sitting around doing nothing, we have decided to hire a car, and spend a week driving down, stopping here and there, seeing all the sights we will spend a month doing this and then hopefully fly home for a month in mid January.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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