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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
29th Jun 2015 - Summer 2015
Day 29-June 29, 2015-Last Day in Moab, UT

Day 29-June 29, 2015-Last day in Moab

Not so hot today-only 103!!!

Our campground is also a boarding stable and horse farm so there are horses adjacent to the campground but on the other side of where we’re staying.  We’re in an end site and there’s a field in back of us full of birds, all chattering away all day long. We have a great view of the mountains but it’s hard not to have a great view of the mountains anywhere here, they’re all around us.

The city of Moab is only a few blocks long on highway 191 and it’s filled with the usual tourist stuff: T-shirts, souvenirs, ice cream, hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, cafes, etc .  Moab also has a zip-line, river canoe and kayak trips, rock climbing, ATV tours, Jeep and Hummer rentals, lots of mountain bike stuff, sandstone art, helicopter and plane rides, horseback rides, sky diving, rafting, fossil hunting, Indian jewelry, rock shops, etc. And then there’s the regular shops-grocery stores, real estate offices, car washes (lots of car washes because of the dust), banks and offices.  Nice busy town.  We heard they have a long tourist season-from March to November.  There’s also a free shuttle from one end of town to the other.

Today is our last day in Moab so we had some chores to do.  First-laundry, and lots of it.  The laundry at the campground was busy so we went into town.  Much better idea-we needed six machines and managed to get out of there in an hour and a half.  It would have taken us half a day at the campground because they only had three machines.  Came back to camp, unloaded the clothes, made the bed and drove back into town.  Good thing it’s only ten minutes away.  Went to a do-it-yourself car wash and got most of the dust off the truck.  Then on to The Village Grocery Store.  We should know better than to go into a grocery store with the word “Village” in it.  It usually means no selection and high prices, which was the case here.  Bought the necessities and back to camp to unload and have lunch.

There’s another little winery about two miles from the campground so we did a tasting.  Nothing great but the owners were nice people. We took a ride up the mountain from our campground and saw some of the homes there.  There was a nice housing development with villas and some pretty sandstone homes, very upscale looking, mostly rocks for lawns but a few brave homeowners had grass and plants-some even had flowers.  A rock mini-golf but also a nice green golf course and a country club.  And all with a spectacular view.

Back to camp to straighten things out, clean up a bit and read.  Read outside for a while but it’s bloody hot!

Off again tomorrow.

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Diary Photos

Another house on hill

Bridge over Colorado River

Sign at campground

Desert mini golf

House on hill

The Adventure Begins


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