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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
7th Jul 2015 - Summer 2015
Day 37-July 7, 2015-Goodbye to the Rockies

Day 37-July 7, 2015-Leaving the Rockies

Drove 173 miles in 2-3/4 hours.  Warmer, got to 72 but still overcast.

Needed two extra blankets last night and the heat on in the RV, along with a space heater.  It was 47 when we got up, don’t know how cold it got last night.

We’re heading east on Route 119, through Pickle Gulch and Lump Gulch, down the mountains around the bends to Nederland where we met up with Boulder Creek, a fast running beautiful creek that we followed all the way into Boulder.  This is where we should have thrown the GPS out the window and followed the map we had planned, but one wrong turn in a busy city trying to maneuver an RV was all it took to make us change direction.  We ended up on Northwest Parkway to Denver, a toll road which took us out of our way about 25 miles, then north on I-76, one of the bumpiest roads we’ve been on.  Finally got off and found a local road into Sterling, where we’re spending the night.  As soon as we left Boulder the terrain got different, no more mountains, not even any hills, just wheat and corn fields and cattle ranches.  And wind. We’re still at 4500’ in the high plains but that’s almost a mile lower than where we started this morning, so I can breathe better. But I’m kind of sad about leaving the beautiful rugged Rocky Mts.

Had to look at maps and campground books again and plot a different course.  There aren’t many campgrounds in Nebraska the way we wanted to go and the ones that are there are either too small to fit us or full.  But we’ve got another plan.

We’re not unhooking tonight, just spending one night and moving on tomorrow.

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Diary Photos

Boulder Creek1

Boulder Creek 2

Boulder Creek

Route 119

Friend at campground

Diary Movies

Boulder Creek video

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