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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
13th Jul 2015 - Summer 2015
Day 43-July 13, 2015-Branson-Pierce Arrow and SIX

Day 43-July 13, 2015-Branson, Day 2-Pierce Arrow & SIX

Hot again, 100, but everyone says we’re lucky we weren’t here last week when they had torrential rain all week.

We found a nice place that cut mens and womens hair and did nails all in the same shop so we both got a badly needed haircut and I got a pedicure.  Right across the street was a Price Chopper grocery store so we stocked up on some food.  There aren’t too many everyday services in Branson, it’s geared toward the tourist.

Back to the campground, unloaded groceries, had lunch and picked up tickets for our shows today.  First show was at 3:00, Pierce Arrow at the Pierce Arrow Theater, about 10 minutes away.  Pierce Arrow is a quartet, nice voices, they sang everything from country and gospel to pop, patriotic and Broadway tunes.  I recognized the tenor as one of the “Twelve Tenors” we saw a couple of years ago.  Guess the entertainers go from job to job.  One’s a former preacher and the basso and owner held the Guinness record for 18 years for holding the lowest note the longest.  Don’t know who replaced him.  They also had a woman, Shonna Bonds, singing who was really good and a comedian, James Sibley, who had me in stitches every time he came on stage.  A very nice show.  They have a different evening show that we can see at half price because we came to this one but we probably won’t have time. Great seats, second row, dead center.

Didn’t get out of the show ‘til after 5 and the next one is at 7:30 so we decided not to go back to camp for dinner but instead went to McFarlain’s, they have a family restaurant with good comfort food, IMAX Theater, gift shops and entertainment venues.  Then off to Mickey Gilley’s Theater to see SIX.

We’ve seen this group before, a group of six brothers who not only sing but make the sounds of the band too.  They advertise as “Six Voices. Zero Instruments. All Music”. They’re not young, the oldest is probably mid-50s, but really energetic.  For a joke, after a strenuous number, they bring out an oxygen tank for him.  The “drummer” is great, you’d swear there were drums and cymbals somewhere in the theater but it’s just him.  They put on a really good show, always fast paced, some comedy, some sibling bantering and lots of music.  They sang songs from the 50s through today.  They even did instrumentals like “Tequila” and “Wipe Out”.  With their voices.  And, of course, some religious and some patriotic songs, too.  This is Branson, after all.  They each have a signature color and dress in that color through most of the show.  And they each have a custom Camaro tricked out in their color parked outside.  Great seats again, center, not far back.

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Diary Photos

Half of Pierce Arrow

Pierce Arrow billboard

SIX on stage

Harry at show

SIX cars

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