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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
21st Jul 2015 - Summer 2015
Day 51-July 21, 2015-Back to Eureka Springs

Day 51-July 21, 2015-Back to Eureka Springs, AR

Nice day, only 82. Rained last night, a bit cloudy today.

We drove to the strip mall and did some laundry after breakfast, then back to the RV for lunch.

Went into Eureka Springs and walked around the town.  Quiet compared to the week-end.  Lots of galleries, jewelry shops, gem and stone shops, restaurants, souvenir stores, hotels, bath houses, etc. cafes all set in historic buildings dating from the 1880s.  Beautiful buildings, gorgeous gardens and springs set in from the street where you’d miss them if you didn’t know where to look.  The streets are all up and down the mountain and walking on the stone sidewalks can be a bit scary.  You have to look up to see the great architecture but you have to look down so as not to break an ankle.  And all on steep hills.  We stopped at Sweet Springs and then Harding Springs where we had to walk down a few steps but it was so nice and cool at the bottom where the spring was.  Decided to go back to Keel’s Creek Winery and the GPS had us going up one steep hill, then down another.  But it was a great short-cut.  We saw three deer on the way just munching away in someone’s yard.  Hard to go anywhere here and not see deer or woodchucks or some other animal.  Harry saw a pileated woodpecker in the tree across from the campsite this morning.  Had a glass of wine and the owner told us there was a lot of construction and a big detour on the road we were planning on taking tomorrow.  We called AAA buy they didn’t know of any detour so we’re going to take our chances.  Stopped at Magnetic Spring again on the way back and we filled up some more water bottles then I soaked in the spring for a while.  It’s ice cold, but really refreshing and supposed to be one of the most healing springs here.

We’re still the only ones at the campground, very quiet.  We had a good time in AR, never thought we’d like it here so much.  Moving on tomorrow.

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Diary Photos

Spring St.

Stained glass window in apartments

Upper Spring

Palace Hotel and Bath House

Harding Spring

Sweet Spring

Houses on rock

Deer in yard

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