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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 10th Dec 2015
Day 8. 10/12/15

Thursday 10th December 2015

Day 8

8.45 am

Position 19°17'S, 03°07E

Well The Captain let me sleep for almost 6 hours, I so needed it and slept like a log, man I feel so much better this morning.

Once again we have zero wind and are lucky to be doing 2 kts.

We are heading in the wrong direction again this time to Liberia in Africa, maybe Africa does not want to let go of us just yet...haha, but we still have plenty of time to correct our course.

At the moment we have a ship on the radar, this is the first in days, the AIS says it's also from Liberia, and heading for Spain, man they are not going to get there till 24th December, I hope they make it to land before Christmas, I hope we make it to land before Christmas the way we are going, we might just spend it out here in the middle of the ocean.

And the verdict on the generator? Not good, the sensor switch that The Captain thought was the problem and he was going to take it out and give it a good clean, well it broke off in his hand, oh man, so the floor boards went down again tools away, until he had an idea that maybe he could by pass it.

So a few hours later the floor boards come back up the tools come back out, and nope still not working, so back the floor boards go, but the tools are still out, I don't think he is going to let it get the better of him just yet.

Lucky the engine is still charging the batteries but we just have to run it for hours which is a pain.


My watch and has been for awhile, I'm not so tired at the moment which is good.

We still have hardly any wind and doing 2.7kts.

We have another boat passing us at the moment, this one is called Sti Veneto it's from the Marshall Islands again, and heading to Rotterdam it's saying it will get there on 27th December, I guess they will be having Christmas at sea.

Have I mentioned we have a rooster on the boat, well not really but we have s squeak and it sounds like a rooster crowing seriously it does and no we have not been out here too long.

Talking about birds, we had a visit from a little sparrow type one late this afternoon,

He was flying all around the boat and very interested in the dingy, I think he may of been tired and looking for a place to rest for the night, we have no idea why they would be out this far in the middle of the ocean, and we could possible have a stow away for the night he may just be sleeping on deck somewhere.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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