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Sailng on Windwanderer.
30th Dec 2015
St Helena Wednesday 30th December 2015

St Helena Wednesday 30th December 2015

Well we had some more excitement today, we had three more cats come in and a monohull.

One of the cats is flying a French flag, and I don't think they can speak much English, we hear them radioing the ferry service over and over and they never answer, I have no idea why, maybe they insulted them or something, but every time we or the other boats radio they answer us straight away, it's quite funny really, but they have ended up just taking their own dingy to shore.

The other cat I'm not sure about them but they seem to have 5 onboard, The Captain was talking to them and it's a dad, his daughter and son in law and their two kids, oh and a blue cattle dog.

These kids are amazing one is in nappies and the other I would say maybe 3-4 years old.

They climb all over the boat, and just have fun, I was watching them run and dive onto the net at the front of the boat, it actually horrifies me a bit as I'm waiting for a splash, but they look like they have lived on it most of their lives and are totally at home on it.

The monohull came in I would say maybe a 40ft and they have five on board, man that's crazy, and the other cat is flying we think an Aussie flag, so we may have some kindred spirits here, we are yet to meet them.

I had a busy day not only beaking at all the new boats that came in, well we all do, its great excitement we hear them radio port control usually about 5nm out, port control always say to radio back when you are 1nm away and we all sit and wait, they come around the island, and the binoculars come out, we try and figure out if it's a cat or a monohull, then as they get closer we try and work out what flag they are flying and closer still their name and then get great enjoyment out of watching them try and lasso the moorings.... haha what a sad life but when you are stuck out here it's something different to look at.

So getting back to my busy day, I managed to get the rest of the decks scrubbed and cleaned man they look good.

Halfway through I heard The Captain on the radio talking to Louis and Betty on Ave del Mar inviting us over for drinks, they asked The Captain what were we up too, and wait for it I heard him say oh just chilling and doing odd jobs around the boat.

Yeah here I am on my hands and knees, sweating away, scrubbing decks, feeling like I should be on an old tall ship, I just needed to be singing sea shanty's and the picture would be complete and he says chilling?

Oh man if this was chilling, I sure don't want to see what hard work is...haha

We launched the dingy for the first time here and had a lovely afternoon night on their boat, swapping boat problems, and adventures, we tried some of their home made drinks and a local wine here and Yeap  we did make it back to our boat in one piece...haha

Well tomorrow is another day.

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30th Dec 2015  Image
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30th Dec 2015  Image
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30th Dec 2015  Image
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