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Sailng on Windwanderer.
4th Jan 2016
St Helena Monday 4th January 2016

St Helena Monday 4th January 2016

Well today was a shore day, well at least for me, The Captain has been going almost every day but myself not so often.

I guess I've been trying not to go ashore too much as I always want to get on the Internet and it's so expensive.

Also the landings scare me a lot, and it frustrates the hell out of me just trying to get stuff, as you can never find anything, serious it drives me crazy.

And I have been busy with the boat oiling, cleaning and painting.

But today I needed more paint, now all I have left is the anti slip sections on the decks, about 2lts of paint would do the trick, and I wanted off white, did you think we could get it?.

There are 4 shops here that have bits and pieces of paint, and we went to them all twice.

Up hill we went, down hill we went, let's go back an have another look into those shops? Uphill again, downhill again, man this should be at least doing our bodies good if nothing else.

And to make matters worse it's hot, what happened to our beautiful cool breeze days, when we first got here we were still wearing long pants and a light jacket of a night time, it's been slowly getting less and less, I'm down to skirts and no sleeves now.

So the hopeless crusade for paint got us nowhere, oh they had all types of paint, we could get white, as long as we wanted 10 litres, the cream was almost orange, they had a nice violet, blue, green, red you name it.

And you want gloss paint no problem they all sell this, the only problem is we can't use gloss on the decks, unless we want to skid overboard  every time we go out on the decks, and when we asked about tinting paint, the look we got was priceless.

So after a frustrating day, we went to our local pub get on the net, and it's so slow, I don't know why I even bother.

We get back to the boat, and I have another hunt around for paint and end up finding about a litre, if we mixed the three cans together.

The only problem is its white, and I want off white, you have no idea what was going through my head on how I could tint it, even my spices were getting a thought, maybe a pinch of turmeric?

I have got some acrylic type poster paints so we dug them out, then the thinking caps went on we wanted to make brown, would be so easy if we could of just googled it.

But with The Captains head working better than mine, we had our own little tinting factory happening, we managed to make an interesting tan brown kinda colour and thought if we just add a touch if that it may just work.

We mixed the three tins of paint together, one we realised was already a cream and ended up not even needing to use the brown at all.

So if anyone wants some advice on mixing colours just send us an email, we are experts now...haha

And tomorrow I will try it out and see if it's any good.

Oh and on a brighter note there is much excitement here, the RMS came in today so we may just get some avo's soon and some fresh produce, well as fresh as it can be after 5 days at sea.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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Diary Photos
4th Jan 2016  Image
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4th Jan 2016  The guys getting ready to go out to the RMS
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4th Jan 2016  Image
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