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Sailng on Windwanderer.
5th Jan 2016
St Helena Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th January 2016

St Helena Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th January 2016

Well the day started out fine for me to try out our paint, but I only managed to do a small amount as it got so hot real quick.

The Captain had gone ashore once again with a bag full of stuff to get repaired and a list of groceries, and Yeap I got my Avo's, 3 small ones but at least that was something.

In the afternoon the wind picked up some and it was a lot cooler outside so I managed to get some more painting done, it still needs another coat so tomorrow we will see how it looks.

The weather has been changing these last few days, other than the extreme heat, I have noticed, the ocean changing, the fish have not been biting, the colour of the ocean has changed, the skies have been really cloudy and the currents are all over the place.

Then later in the night it hit, we had this massive wind storm and man has it blown.

Gusting gale force winds, waves crashing everywhere and man was it scary.

We checked the moorings, mooring number 11 holds us at the back and I'm not sure of the number of the one out front, knowing our luck it's properly number 13...haha

( I just went and checked it's number 12 thank god.)

Now these guys are big and round and sit flat in the water,  well they were vertical sometimes even going under water, number 11 is only able to take a boat weighing up to 20 tons  but the one at the front number 12 is a lot more heavy duty.

Before going to bed The Captain had to reassure me several times that they would hold us ok and we would not end up smashed against the cliffs in the middle of the night.

It was not so encouraging that the worst that would happen he said was if the back mooring went, the way the direction that the wind was blowing we would just swing around and most likely hit the boat in front of us, but the dingy that was out that side would cushion the blow.

Yeah good luck sleeping tonight.

We went down to bed and with the hatches open it was like a full force gale blowing in our cabin, we kept closing hatches and opening them again, what felt like all night long, The Captain got a bit grumpy as I think his hair was getting messed up, I was already grumpy as my hair was total chaos, it was shocking even with my head under the sheets and pulled tight it still blew us almost out of bed.

I was up and down most of the night checking this and that, and finally it started to settle down, we both managed to get a bit of sleep.

And surprise surprise when I got up early this morning we were still hooked to both moorings.

The boat looked like it had gone through hell and back there was stuff blown all over the place, a cleat ripped out of the top deck that was holding our sunshade cover, but other than that we faired really well.

And our nice clean boat, well it's now covered in a fine layer of dust.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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5th Jan 2016  Image
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5th Jan 2016  Going under with the strain.
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