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Chads Thinking Patterns
No Photos 21st Jan 2016
Landing Page Creator from WordStream

Landing pages are the last step - Detroit Michigan Search Engine Optimization - in most online marketing conversion processes. Inpay-per click, they are the page a visitor is sent to after she clicks on your ad. In other words, yourAdWords landing page is your final opportunity to persuade your website visitor to buy, download, or fill out a form.Yet many businesses dont have the time or coding background to tailor their landing pages to be in sync with their pay per click ads as a result, leads are lost. The solution to this problem is simple! Streamline landing page creation with a landing page creator!A Landing Page Creator Software Built for BusinessesPay per click advertising is a niche business filled with pay per click experts its a hard but very rewarding advertising platform! To compete with advertising - Detroit Michigan Search Engine Optimization - professionals, youll need landing page tools that will help you generate a web visitor experience that is:Customized to mirror your Ad Text offering Too many businesses expect website visitors to find their way through their home page!Enticing and specific Grab your visitors attention with a trust worthy logo, memorable image, and targeted content.Optimized for Simplicity With conversion tracking built in, you can easily track how your visitors are reacting to your landing page.Create Landing Pages Specific to your Ad TextMost of the worst performing AdWords accounts, based on over $2billion dollars of spend analyzed from our free AdWords Perfromance Grader, come from advertisers that only have one landing page for all their varying ad offers their home page. Driving traffic to your website to your website is only half the equation - Search Engine - for PPC success. Youll need a scalable set of landing page templates that:Have content specific to the pay per click ads they serve.Balances the number of data fields required for the visitor to fill out and page conversion.Can be easily turn a landing page and ad text off when they perform poorly.The leads you get from your online marketing budget will no longer be a black box, but rather a transparent set of data.Landing Page Form Creators and Conversion TrackingBusinesses often drop out half way when they implement PPC marketing and that half-way point is starts with conversion tracking.The first step of conversion tracking is designing a custom form which tracks goals and leads. Designing custom forms is typically a job left to a web programmer with web design experience it needs to be both functional and beautiful.The next step, customizing and testing varying call-to-action buttons, is yet another daunting task - Troy MI SEO - for businesses who dont know how to conduct AB testing. Without accurate data on landing page performance, businesses are often clueless on whats actually working for their business.Lastly, adding your conversion tracking code to a thank you page that shows up after a user clicks on a call-to-action is something over half of all AdWords advertisers dont do. With the help of a landing page creator, these processes can be intuitively streamlined.Create Ad Text Specific to Your Landing Page ThemesThe PPC ad creation process doesnt always have to follow a linear progression. Sometimes the problem isnt your landing page, but rather the ad text. By following a set of customized themes, logo options, and images to match your brand messaging, you can create a uniform web visitor experience. Having a landing page creator simplifies creating a set of landing page templates that follow a unified theme.Try WordStreams Landing Page Creator Today!What are you waiting for? Try WordStream Advisor now to start designing more effective PPC landing pages. Youll be ahead of 50% of the PPC competition out there.Sign up for a free trial!

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