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Sailng on Windwanderer.
6th Feb 2016
Day 9 Passage to Trinidad Saturday 6th February 2016

Day 9 passage to Trinidad Saturday 6th February 2016


Position 11°00'S. 016°48W

Speed 4kts Wind 10.5kts.

It's been a very quiet day today and really nothing much has happened at all.
We have had steady winds at around 10 kts and the speed has stayed around the 3-4 kts.
And what have we been doing?
Well nothing exciting, sleeping, eating, reading and watching movies and Yeap as you can tell, I'm bored.

Oh we did have a ship appear on the radar, so we thought that was pretty exciting, but it never got closer than 12 nm so we could not see it, even though I tried real hard, with the binoculars it was just way too far away.

Also this afternoon I heard a voice, The Captain said he heard one last night as well, it's actually kinda creepy as we have no idea what it can be.

And our bottom dweller has not been around this afternoon. He was this morning for awhile, but it looks like he swam down to about 35 meters and than took off. Maybe he will visit again tomorrow.

We also have generator issues again. Man does it every stop, seriously it drives us crazy.
The Captain  has had all the floor boards up again and still no luck so we are back running the main engine to charge the batteries.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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