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Sailng on Windwanderer.
18th Feb 2016
Day 21 passage to Trinidad Thursday 18th February 2016

Day 21 Passage to Trinidad Thursday 18th February 2016


Position 03°52'S. 031°40'W

Our speed is 3.3kts and the wind is 11.2kts

I can't believe we have been out here for 3 weeks, it seems more like 3 months, man this is a long trip, we have actually just past our second longest crossing so far.

We just had a visit from a pod of dolphins, I could hear them more so than see them, although I did glimpse them every so often as we have a bit of moonlight Shining through the clouds.
It was a beautiful sight but a little eerie as well when you just see a dark figure and a black fin rise out of the water.

There is a ship on the radar as I write but it's still too far away to see yet, we have also had 3 others today as well all on the same track, which means we will be crossing a shipping lane soon, I so hope I'm not on watch when that happens...haha
Oh and one of the ships was 330mts long and 60 mts wide, man that sure was a super tanker.

We are also about 40nm off a little island just off the tip of Brazil that will be the closet we have been to land, for the whole trip this one we will not pass till daylight but most likely not even see it

Well tomorrow is another day.

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Diary Photos
18th Feb 2016  Image
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18th Feb 2016  Image
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