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Sailng on Windwanderer.
25th Feb 2016
Day 28 Passage to Trinidad 25th February 2016

Day 28 Passage to Trinidad Thursday 25th February 2016

11.55 pm

Position 00°18'S. 036°52'W

Our speed is 3.5kts and the wind is a steady 11kts.

28 days, it's hard to believe we have been out here for 4 weeks, man in someways it feels like we have been out here for forever in other ways it feels like it's gone so quick.
But the way we are going we are still not going to reach Trinidad for at least three weeks.

I thought by now we would have reached the equator, but we have been kinda running parallel to it but should reach it in the next four hours or so if the wind stays constant that is.

We have had steady wind all day which is good but its getting a little flukey now, but at least we have had no big storm clouds around thank god.
Although it has been overcast all day, and tonight before the moon came out it was so dark, you could not even see your hand in front of your face.

We have been in constant contact by email all through this voyage with Betty and Louis on the boat Avo Del Mar the couple we meet in St Helena.

They left before us but stopped at Assention island for a bit, they have been having the same squalls as us although they are about two weeks ahead of us.
We got an email tonight from them and their boom has just broken in half, man that's crazy, but they are still slugging it out and should reach Trinidad in a week or so.

Its kinda a comfort, although we feel for them, but knowing that we are not the only ones having breakages, makes you feel  a bit better about all the problems we are facing.

I good friend of ours said this voyage is suppose to be the "milk run" very easy sailing, well somehow the ocean must of changed Mark when you crossed all those years ago, or we are just dead unlucky.

I guess that's not real fair as we have had some very good days out here, but the bad days are always the ones you remember first, maybe that Milk run will come back again soon we can only hope.

Oh and today we did our message in a bottle, I wonder where this one will end up.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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Diary Photos
25th Feb 2016  Image
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25th Feb 2016  Image
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