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Sailng on Windwanderer.
7th Mar 2016
Day 39 passage to Trinidad Monday 7th March 2016

Day 39 Passage to Trinidad Monday 7th Match 2016


Position 05°19'N. 049°39'W

Speed 4kts winds 16-19kts

Yeap we are still bouncing all over the place, although at the moment things are slightly calmer, but that can change in a matter of minutes.

Today was a lot calmer than yesterday until early tonight when the wind and seas picked up once again, we had a small squall which resulted  in kicking up the waves and leaving us with one very lumpy ocean again.

We have been clawing our way up the coast of Brazil and trying to miss a section of land that sticks out.
Although we are around 150nm off the coast we really want to give us good clearance from it.
Having no engine scares us a bit so we don't want to get close at all, which is why we are having such a tough time at the moment.

Normally we would just change the angle to the ocean and things would settle down a lot, but that means coming in closer to land which we don't want to do, so yeah we are suffering big time.

In the early hours of this morning we passed the mouth of the Amazon River, which we think is a pretty cool thing, although we were no where near it the chart plotter said that's where we were.
And today we are officially out of Brazil, as we are now passing French Guyana, again not seeing land, I wish we could see some as the scenery out here is getting thin, I'm sick of looking at nothing but water and than more and more water.

Talking about French Guyana, a lot of you would know , that this country made headlines for the Massive Cult Suicide, on 18th November 1978.
Now for the life of us we could not remember the guys name or the cults name and details.
Where is google when you need it? Easy you just email your daughter and ask her to google it.
Thanks Bek your a life saver and it just so happens that she has read a book and watched a doco on this, so she was the right one to ask.

For those who do not know, the guys name was Jim Jones,  and his cult was called the People's Temple.
He had a lot of followers they all committed Suicide by drinking Cyanide mixed in koolaid.
They syringed it into babies, than made the children drink it, than the woman, than the men, who ever refused it was forced to drink it two were shot dead for refusing, than Jim Jones shot and killed himself.
900 hundred people lost their lives that day, man what a tragedy, and to take out innocent babies and children, there are no words, just shocking.
Sometimes you just wander why people would do such a thing.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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