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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
16th Jun 2016 - Summer 2016
Day 22-June 16, 2016-Titan II Missile, Car Wash, Haircut and Baseball

Day 21-June 16, 2016-Titan II Missile Museum, Car Wash, Haircut, Baseball

Got up to 104 today

Drove about 15 miles south to the Titan II Missile Museum.  During the 60’s to the 80’s, the “Cold War”, the US had 54 ICBM sites, 17 in Wichita Falls, KS, 17 in Little Rock, AR and 17 in Tucson.  The idea was “Peace through Deterrence”. You (USSR) shouldn’t bomb us with your bombs in Cuba because we’ll bomb you right back.  In 1982 a treaty was signed between US/USSR to destroy them.  This one was allowed to remain as a museum.  The W53 nuclear warhead with a 9 ton yield has been removed, the silo can only open half way preventing launch and a hole has been cut in the nosecone making it inert.  A couple of movies have been made using the missile site, including Star Trek: First Contact. There was a lot of info,memorabilia and exhibits in the museum and then the tour started with a video followed by a tour down 35’ to view the launch control room.  The tour guide volunteered me to be launch commander and promoted me to Major.  I sat at the actual control panel.  He then spent the next half hour explaining all the directions, rules, regulations, protocols, checklists, instructions, safety features, etc., etc. etc.  Red lights meant one thing, green another and white something else.  And once you’ve checked everything, go back and check it again.  He was really informative and detailed.  It was an extremely complex procedure and it must have taken years of training to not only remember the details but to get your head on straight enough to follow through.  There were three targets, although only one could be destroyed.  Nobody on site knew what the three targets were. It was then time to simulate the launch and we turned the key together and got the “launch activated” light.  No turning back now, Target 2 was obliterated.  Turning that key gave me chills, it definitely was a hot seat.  We then went to see the actual missile.  103’ tall, 10” round, more stats, too many to remember, but quite an experience.  Back on the surface we could see the missile through the half open silo and see all the radio antennas for safety and communications.  Had lunch on one of their picnic tables, then drove into town and got the truck washed and I got a badly needed haircut.  Gassed up for the trip tomorrow, then came back to the RV for a quick dinner then off to the Saguaros ballgame.  Tonight they played White Sands (NM) Pupfish.  I can’t make these names up.  $6.00 tickets and it’s beer for $1.00 night.  The Saguaros won 16-1, another good game, beautiful night and a great way to end our stay in Tucson.  We’ve been here a week, still haven’t seen everything we’d like to and would come back again.  We felt very comfortable and safe at the RV park we stayed in.  It’s more a mobile home members only (but they can rent them out) community. They call it Mission View Club Estates.  Most are empty now, the snowbirds are only here in the winter.  Nice mobile homes on quiet streets with a whole section for RVs in the back.  We’re in the front where there is another section for RVs near the mobile homes.  $19.00 a night, can’t beat it. 

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Diary Photos

Street at Mission View

Green Valley

Inside Museum

Star Wars Memorabilia

W 53 Thermonuclear Warhead

Diagram of underground facility

Above ground

View of missile from above ground

Me at control panel

Missile from above ground

Us at Titan II missile

I Turned the key

Diary Movies

Last pitch of the game

Titan II Missile Above Ground

Titan II Missile

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