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Education is Light
4th Oct 2016
Mtomondoni mourns as Teresia's mother passes on.

It’s my sincere hope that you are all fine. Am sorry to inform you all that over a week ago, we the entire family of Mtomondoni sponsorship program lost one of one beloved kids mother’s i.e Teresia’s mum after a heart related disease.Teresia’s mother, full name was Kadzo Kahindi, she died at the age of 57 years old. The burial took place at Teresia’s home in Mtomondoni  village over the last weekend on Saturday 1st October. Please see pictures from our picture gallery for details.

Normally during any our Christian funeral ceremonies we do have a funeral ceremony program where we have different events taking place from the early hours of the morning through out the day until between 3.00 pm and 4.00 pm where the burial takes place. Normally the morning program commence at 10.30 am- 3.00pm.During this time, different activities like singing, speeches from close family members. Friends and government representative take place. Thereafter is the reading of the deceased eulogy then followed by a short sermon from a church Pastor, Reverend or Bishop. After the sermon is the final viewing of the body thereafter the body is carried to the burial site for the final resting.

Being a close friend of the family, I was given a chance to give a speech on behalf of my family and on behalf of the Mtomondoni sponsorship program where I able to convey our condolences to Teresia’s family. Teresia is the last born in their family of 7 children i.e 4 men and 3 women and has been very close to her mother..Please let us all pray for Teresia and the entire  family during this sorrowfull moment. May His Almighty God rest Teresia’s mum soul in eternal peace. Amen

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Diary Photos

A closer picture of Teresia standing from right with brothers and sisters.

Another view of mouners and family members.

Another view of mourners present.

Another view of the mourners.

Churdh pastor giving a sermon

Closer view of Teresia with sisters, on the left of Teresia is her grandmother(dressed in white).

Family member (Teresia's aunt) making a speech.Behibd the aunt is the master of ceremony who is also Teresia's uncle.

Finaly rest place for Teresia's mum

From left is Teresia brother Nick, Erick, sister, Teresia and another sister.

Government representative giving a speech.

Master of ceremony making a speech.

More closer view of Teresia with bothers and sisters.

More closer views of family members.

Mourners viewing the body.

Picture also showing Teresia' s mother house.

Some of Teresia' brothers and sisters.

Some of the crowd of mourners who attended the funeral

Standing are Teresia with brothers and sisters

Teresia in black and at the front. and third from right.

Teresia's aunts singing.

Viewing of the body

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