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Education is Light
No Photos 29th Jan 2009
Messages from Kenya

Ibrahim Omar (22nd Jan 2009) To everyone in england How are you? i hope fine. i am happy for all what you have done to me. thank you see much.
(2 pictures)   Kahindi Benson (22nd Jan 2009) Dear Charlotte Hopewell How are you Charlotte? I hope you are fine there in England. How are you and your family i hope all are fine there. I am thank for the presents, i got a lot of presents like goats, maize flour, net , wheat flour, rice , beans and many others. These all are christmas presents. But i am still going well with my studies in Mtwapa Academy School, i was with you last term but one in Mombasa Beach hotel we enjoyed very well in
Mombasa beach hotel you were was friend of my sister whos name was pendo i know you enjoy very well with my sister. i hope you are well i am thanks for here you are well there in england. i hope you celebrate merry christmass and happy new year very well. your sposored child Kahindi
(picture to come)   Pendo Benson (22nd Jan 2009) Dear Jane Marr How are you Jane? I hope you are fine there in England. I am thank you for hear that you are well with your family, relatives friends and many other. WE have got a lot of problem in our house was broken but not it is build. I think that jane you will in kenya this year if you come in kenya i will show you my brother's house. his name is called Kahindi Benson. I hope you will enjoy it this letter.
Many bless come to you Amen. New happy Year.
(picure to come)   Mapenzi Kahindi (22nd Jan 2009) To Brockington school How are you? I hope you are fine. how is the weather like in england in kenya it is cold and dry. how are your parents, relatives and also you friends. I hope they are fine. My family is alright n the name of almightly God. How are you going on with your education. i am doing well with my education.i am imprving!
I would like to take this opprtunity to that you for what you did for me last year to brought for me a goat, two hens, a packet of milk, a tank and mony others. I thank you for that. Please great you family, you friend and my friends fiona, l c r, gatree and Terresia got you greatings from me your loving daughter Mapenzi.
(picture to come)   Dennis Mbura (22nd Jan 2009) To Corrina's Parents How are you? i think and know you are well. As you know it's i younge man Dennis Mbura from Mtwapa. As you said that though am kenya i should know english. so am not so bad in it and on it, I would like to tell you that on december i was going on with douchland speaking. for now i know a language speaking and thoses are mothers language, douchland speaking. English and Kiswahilli. ok i know that you are now going to enjoy that i can speak in english. as you know am just very younge but can do more. for now what i can do with my bare hands is to make envelopes. remember that we should pray for one another.
Good god bless corrina's parents.
(picture to come)   Happy (22nd Jan 2009) To Vicky How are you? I hope that you are well. Its I Happy you little young girl. During the new year moses awarded me a goat. For now am in class 1 and think you expect something good from the school. I know one day i would be in upper primary like Dennis and I will work hard as he does. For all in all i have none to write but what was the best it was thank you for sponsoring me. oh wait before i finish tell mum and dad that there letter would come from dennis the younge little funny boy. please remember that we should praay for each other. bye may god bless you
(Picture coming soon)     Hilary Morgan (21st Jan 2009) Magdaline Robert Hello Alice, glad it's all going well for you. Can you please say hello to Magdaline for me. It was lovely to meet her last year. Can you ask her if there is anything in particular she wants me to send her? Take care.
Hilary.   Samuel Benson (17th Jan 2009) Dear Alex and Amy (Hewitt) How are you their in England? I think you are fine i am fine too. i am in std four net year i will be in std five with my brothers are Kahindi and Justin These are my brothers i have one sister. she is in std 7 next year she will be in std 8. my brother he is in std two next year he is going to be in std three. my family wants too se you again in our country Kenya. i think you enjoyed merry christmas and new year. i was very happy to for christmas presents it was three hens, one goat, flour, jiko, a tank and a sack of charcoal we devided into seven children, greet for me your family and your friends there in england. may goid bless you love from samuel benson   Shila Rachael Mwaniga Kazangu (17th Jan 2009) Dear Sharnford methodist church. How are you? i hope you are fine. Here in Kenya it's hot and dry, how about the weather in England. The reason as to why ive written this letter is to thank you for all the wonderful things you sent for christmas you were my santa claus. I enjoyed my christmas very much because of all those stuff you sent, for the goat we slaughterd it and made a barbecue and the goat slain was dried and was given to a traditional man and he made a drum. The kitchen i cooked it and made a very delicious stew we cooked rice and bean to on the following. thanks for the shoes and the bag that that are going to last for more than two years. the uniform and books too. and the net no more mosquito bites the net is helping me a lot. iknow some are coming this year and i want you to met my friend kate, im wishing you a prosperous and happy 2009 and bless you,
yours thankfull
Shila   Albert Mwasamb (17th Jan 2009) Dear Lorraine Now i am in std 2, what you got for christmas, chicken, thank you for give me the gift
Lala Salama   Justin Benson (17th Jan 2009) To Fletch Hi Sara How are you their in England? i think you are fine, i am fine too. i am going on my studies in Mtwapa Academy school. i am in std four next year i will be in std five with my brothers Kahindi and Samuel. My brothers are Wycliffe Francis peter patrick and Kahindi. These are my brothers but i have no sisters. my brither is in std two next year he will going to be in std three my family wants to see you again in our country Kenya.i think you enjoyed merry christmas and new year. Was very happy for christmas presents it was three hens one goat flour jiko a tank and a sack of charcoals and we divided into seven children. great for me your family and your friends there in england.
May God bless you their in england
Your loving fried Justin Benson   Francis (17th Jan 2009) To Teresa Hallow, Teresa and the rest of your family. Is any body sick? Ihope you are all fine, i thank for the presents which you sent for me christmas day i received presents like green nuts, flour, suga, charcoal and cooking fats, i could not recieve the christmas day becaus i had travels for a christmas holiday and it was very nices that i enjoyed myself but when i came back Moses gave me those presents. I am still joining my school and i love gone to a new class which is standard seven and i have also new teachers. I can also remember last year you told me that on august you will recieve a visiter, i am eager to know wether it is a boy or a girl and also pass my greeting to all peole in your area and God bless you so much with your family.
Your loving friend Francis   Samwel Mbugwa (17th Jan 2009) Dear Lear Its my hope that you are well. How are you going with your studies. How was teh christmas over their? How did u cerebrat it. What about the new year? Its my hope that you are in another stage of life. When you came to Kenya you were sixteen years but now you are eighteen years please correct me if i am wrong about your years, by replaying back another later. I am well with my studies what about u. I am in class seven and i am 14 years old. every thing change and your and me we have change in every way. The weather has change it is now suny now we are back to school what about you. WE are going well with my family and my frends. bles great all your friends and your family and wish them a good and blessed year. tell them its from Samwel Mbugwa that all about me. bless write back.
Yours Lovely Samwel Mbugwa lots of love xxx   Dennis Mbura (17th Jan 2009) Dear Coz I hope that you are fine, i thing the weather in your country to nice the minning of writing this letter is to thank you for the sweets you brought for me. dear i am always thinking for you. I always think and remember the days we were together here in Kenya. Dear i think you love that picture down wards. Lots of blessing and may the God bless you. Yours Sincerly Dennis Mbura
(the drawing is in with the photos)   Zeina benson (17th Jan 2009) Dear Jilly (gill ward i think) Dear Jilly, How are you? I hope you are fine and i am fine too here in kenya together with my family. What i want to tell you is that i am now in class seven. I am going on with my studies. My best subject is science and my science teacher is Mr Mwanguza and he is my class teacher. My favourite colour is blue, red, orange and black, greet for my Sarah Chandler and Rachel, thank very much my the lord bless you so much.   Hamisi Said (16th Jan 2009) Dear Kayliegh Priestley How are you there in England? i hope you are fine yopu and you family. me here in Kenya i am fine. This christman i got chicken, flour, milk, hotpot and a big sufuria. i was happy to get the present 2 year past, the way you came to kenya you told me that you will sent for me a camera. my best friends are shammy, benjamn and omar. they like me and also me i like them. we play togetheer football and ther games. at break time we lay together and eat together and also time for going home we together.
Best wishes your lovely friend Hamisi   Joseph H. Mgodo (16th Jan 2009) Dear Danny, Alison, David, Emily and Francesca Jambo, How are you? It's my great hope that you are all fine and healthy. How was you x-mas and New year as well. David where did you went during you holiday? To me, i never went anywhere out of Mtwapa, but my x-mas and new year was fantastic.
First and formest i warmly appreciate for a very brilliant gift that you sent to me during x-mas. For surre it was helpful. Hello David once again. When will you be going back to school. Do you know one of your students who finished schooling in
JCC? Her name is Borris she is here with us for about three months. She will eventually have a quite a long story to narate to you, how kenya is , although she had been here one time. My family says hi to you all. Goodbye and hope to here from you all.
lots of love from Joseph H. Mgodo
p.s did you receive the email that i sent last time?   William Benson (16th Jan 2009) Dear teresia Dear teresia, now im in std 2, welcome to school what i got got for chrostmas kitismasi banana chicken toraza titichati books uga can boris chidren sewta welcome school mtwapa academy jambo teresia.
teyou teresia jabo to you goo to abasa bichi hotel sigipul caml cati jesus to help to you hop.

(thats what he wrote not quiet shore what it means but thort i would pass it on haha)

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