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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
23rd Jul 2017 - Summer 2017 Part II
Day 18-July 23, 2017-The Road To Nowhere Begins

Day 18-July 23, 2017-The Road To Nowhere Begins-To Mobridge, SD

Drove 293 miles in 6 hours.

Started at 66 this morning, up to 84 by afternoon.  Gorgeous, sunny, dry breezy day.

We took I-94 west to just east of Bismarck, ND then turned south on US 83. Quite a headwind, we were buffeted a few times. We wanted this trip to be to places we’ve never been and looking at a map of places we have been we noticed a big gap in it right around this area.  So here we are.  Route 83 is 1885 miles long, goes from Canada to Mexico basically without one turn.  Looking at the map it seems to be a straight line right through almost the middle of the country.  It’s called the The Road To Nowhere because it doesn’t go to any tourist attraction or any towns, cities or places of any note.  So here we are.   It’s a one-lane each way road with little traffic that is straight as an arrow, Mostly goes through wide open spaces and plains with some cattle and horse ranches, corn and hay farms with huge rock piles in the middle of crops, buildings that are about to cave in or already have, sunflower farms that would be beautiful if the sun was on the west side of us.  As it was the flowers were always turned the other way.  We were surprised by a few ponds and then a larger Rice Lake with water skiers on it. The butterflies are back and you’d never know we had the truck washed, it’s covered with butterfly guts again.  Passed through the town of Linton (with 90 services to help you), then Strasburg, the birthplace of Lawrence Welk.  Mound City, with a population of 71, comprised of maybe a dozen stores on the main street (the only street) that looked abandoned.  But it is Sunday so maybe they’re just closed.  We finished our book on tape and just as we figured the bad guys did it.  We had to travel 20 miles west off US 83 to our campground, the only one around.  It’s called The Bay in Mobridge, SD.  Mobridge got its name when the bridge was built over the Missouri River in 1906 and a telegram was sent and signed from Mo.bridge.  Get it?  It’s on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and connected with a casino down the street.  We drove over the Missouri River Bridge to Mountain Time Zone and couldn’t find the campground.  I called and was told they’re on the other side of the bridge (in Central Time Zone).  Drove back over the bridge, still couldn’t find it.  Called again, this time they stayed on the phone ‘til they saw us coming down the road.  The sign is set way in, no way we could see it from the road.  But it’s a nice peaceful campground, huge sites right on a peninsula with Lake Oahe, created by a dam on the Missouri on one side and the Missouri River on the other.  Supposed to be great Walleye fishing in both the Lake and the Missouri River so there are a lot of boaters in the campground.   Lots of trees, shade and grassy areas.  The only hook-up is electric but we have a filled water tank so we should be OK.  Sat outside, did I mention it’s beautiful weather?, and read, then had dinner and off to the casino to lose some more money. On the way out of the campground we met a flock of baby turkeys and very nervous parents. Met an ancient security guard at the casino, an American Indian who is a retired truck driver and had lots of stories to tell.  Talked with him for a while, lost our $20 and left.  Back to the campground for a magnificent sunset over the lake.  Lots of stars at night.  We’re leaving the windows open tonight, nice cool breeze.

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Diary Photos

Bison statue on hill

Route 83 The Road to Nowhere

How now black cow

Lawrence Welk birthplace sign

Rock pile


Crossing Missouri river

Lake Oahe behind our site

Our site

Turkey family at campground


Standing Rock Sioux tribe tower

Sunset from our site

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