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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
24th Jul 2017 - Summer 2017 Part II
Day 19-July 24, 2017-Mobridge, SD

Day 19-July 24, 2017-Mobridge, SD

Chilly and windy this morning, not even 60.  Rain, thunder in the morning then cleared up by afternoon and became another gorgeous day, 84, sunny and windy.

Took advantage of the rain to do some chores in the morning.  The went into “town”.  Not much going on in town.  Route 12, aka “The Native American Scenic Byway” is the main road and on one side has mostly stores, gas stations and run down homes.  The “other side of the tracks” has bigger homes, nicer yards and a beautiful little park with gazebos, pretty gardens, lots of robins,  picnic tables and benches where we decided to stop and eat the lunch we packed.  Everybody who drove by waved at us like they’ve known us forever, reminded us of where we live.  There are a lot of 4-way intersections but no stop signs or yield signs on any of them.  Must be light traffic.  We then took a ride toward Wakpala up a steep hill with spectacular views of the Missouri River.  Not much up there but scenery so we turned around and went the other way off Route 12 to Sitting Bull’s gravesite about 4 miles up another steep hill with even more spectacular views of the river.  Near the burial site there is a monument to Sacajawea, a Shoshone guide to Lewis and Clark.  The tombstone on Sitting Bull’s grave is tall with his likeness at the top.  It seems as though he’s looking out over the river.  On the way we saw a prairie dog town but they didn’t seem to like people much and didn’t pop up to say “hi”.  But we also saw a herd of horses in the valley and a mare and her foal at the top of the ridge.  They were friendly enough but trying to stay out of the wind. Somewhere in there I realized we are on the Mountain Time Zone side of the river and now I have no idea of what time it really is.  Good think I don’t have to know what time it is.  Plus, I think I’m jetlagged.  So we went to the casino again.  This time I won, not a lot but enough to cover our losses.  Back to the campground to read for a while, then dinner and get ready to move on tomorrow.  There’s a lot more of “The Road To Nowhere” to see.

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Diary Photos


Mobridge and surroundings

Gardens in park

Gazebo in park

Us in park

Back and forth


Monument to Sakajawea 1

Monument to Sakajawea

Sitting Bull's Burial site

Us on hill


Mom and baby

Herd in valley

Our campground is the peninsula

Grand River Casino and Lodge

Diary Movies

Sitting Bull burial site video

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