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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
19th Aug 2017 - Summer 2017 Part II
Day 45-August 19, 2017-To Duson, LA

Day 45-August 19, 2017-To Duson, LA

Drove 229 miles in 4-1/2 hours.

Thought it was hot yesterday, today’s worse, 100 at 10:30AM and humid!

There are 879 miles of I-10 in Texas and we drove every one of them.  We avoided the Sam Houston Tollway through Houston and took route 59 instead.  Just as much traffic but we didn’t have to pay for it.  Heavy, heavy traffic, especially for a Saturday, seemed like everybody was trying to get to Houston until we got to Houston and then it seemed like everybody was trying to get out of Houston.  Traffic was bad both going in and coming out.  After an hour of 4-6 lane madness the traffic  on I-10 seemed to thin out a bit into Louisiana where the roads are modeled after a washboard. The love bugs here are in full force.  Don't know if they've arrived in Florida yet but they are all over Houston and Louisiana. We finished the book on tape and were surprised to find out the culprit wasn’t anybody we had suspected.  Passed by Lake Charles and all the casinos, then stopped for lunch at a rest area.  Got into the campground about 3:30 and set up.  We’re at Frog City RV Park, in the “Frog Capital of The World”, so named because of the number of frogs here and also the number of restaurants that have frog legs on the menu.  There are frog murals throughout town but we won’t be going into town to see them.  We’re only here overnight and it’s an easy-off, easy-on to I-10.  There are five casinos at this exit, all probably within walking distance if you were nuts enough to walk in this heat.  They told us they’re only poker video games anyway.  The heat and humidity here is worse than I’ve ever felt in Florida. There's a nice pool with nobody in it but it's even too hot to think about going in.  Not doing anything tonight except drinking something really cold and sitting, reading in the AC of the RV.

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Diary Photos

Houston skyline

Overpass in Houston

Welcome to Louisiana

Diary Movies

Grand finale at the game

Last pitch of the game

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