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Education is Light
23rd Feb 2018

Hi! Everyone,

Hoping that you are all doing fine. It’s another great moment to speak to you all and happy to inform you that one of our  kid i.e Gibson who as from this year transferred to a special school called Sahajanand special school located within Mtwapa is now settled on class doing his vocational skills.

Gibson aged 17 years has a special need case i.e down syndrome and thanks to his sponsors his been able to proceed with his learning since he was recruited into the program and admitted at Mtwapa Academy ever since he was in the kindergarten and now has joined special training doing some vocational skills. The special school where Gibson’s learns has a total population of 120 kids with special need cases, however the vocational Centre classes are subdivided into 3 streams/class each with an average of 40 kids per class with an average number of 3 teachers per class. Each teacher has his or her own specialty in teaching.

The different special needs or disabilities in all the 3 classes are down syndrome, epilepsy, microcephalaus,dyrocephalaus,learning disabilities, communication disabilities e.g cerebral palsy or mental health and hearing impairment.

The subject involved in the vocational class include  Maths where they learn basic maths e.g number work and how to give back correct change in case the kid has started his or her own business.Entepreneurship where they learn how to be self-reliant after training and be able to start their own businesses. Communication skills, ICT,P.E,First Aid. Vocational skills or projects involved include e.g making of doormats, beading/jewellery e.g making of bracelets and necklaces. Handcraft, leather work e.g making of shoes.Homescience where they learn on how to take care of the house, cleaning of the house and washing of utensils. Other optional subjects include Agriculture where kids learn how to do some basic agricultural activities e.g land/soil preparation, sowing at the school green house where they practice planting of vegetables e.g tomatoes and spinach. Metal work,wood work,Poultry keeping, construction e.g brick making and tailoring.

Here below the daily school timetable.-

8.00 am-9.00am…………morning prayers and beginning of morning class.

9.00am-10.00am……...2nd morning class period.

10.00am -11.00am…..break.

Note-the above class periods include subjects like maths, entrepreneurship, life skills, first aid, communications skill etc depending on the day. However all the vocational skills classes begin after break.

11.00am-12.00 pm……………..vocational skills.


1.00pm-2.00pm………………vocational skills

3.00pm-4.00pm…………games/sports…..involves football, recreational activities e.g playing draughts.

Exams are only done as assessment and through observation as the special need kid do his or her own practical work. Also a kid should be able to write his or her name and be able to do some of the basic mathematics.

By the end of the day special need kids end up doing lots of successful projects especially in bead work and handcraft. Due to this the teachers have a special appeal to everyone since they do not have a ready market that whoever is interested in the finished products is welcomed to buy the products and can also make special arrangements for the products to be sent to them. At the moment the school depends entirely on the visitors who come to the school to visit the kids and then buy the products. All the proceeds or sales help in buying some more teaching material for the kids. Please see the picture gallery for pictures of the Gibson’s special school activities.

With that I say thank you to everyone involved in the support of the Mtomondoni sponsorship program and more special thanks goes to Gibson’s sponsors for their continued and generous support to Gibson’s education.

Yours in service,

Moses Kopulo-(sponsorship coordinator-Africa).

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Diary Photos

A general view on Gibson's class during vocational skills practicals.

A section of some of Gibson's classmates working on new shoes.

Another Gibson's teacher doing some measeaurments and cutting in readiness or some kids leather work.

Beaded necklaces and braclets made by some of the special need kids in Gibson's class.

Gibson at work with some of his classmates.

Gibson displaying a section of shoes beading work showing the colour patterns.

Gibson displaying some of their class finished beaded necklaces.

Gibson happy to show one of his beaded jewellery work.

Gibson in his dormitory bed preparing to go to class.

Gibson on the right fore front selecting some beads in readiness to make a jewellery.

Gibson with one of his class teacher during a practical lesson.

Gibson with some of his class mates during practicals on vovational skills.

Gibsons teacher dispalying some of the kids leather shoe work.

Gibson's class teacher madam Mbeyu displaying some of the beadwork made by the kids.

Gibson's class timetable.

Gibson's teacher showing a finished doormat made from Gibson's class.

Gibson's teacher showing some of the finished beadedleather shoes made from Gibson's class.

Gibson's teachers sorting some of the just bought teaching materials.

More bead work display from Gibson's teacher.

More display on Gibson's classmaths teaching aid.

More view of Gibson's class in sessiion.

One of the Gibson's teachers also disable, howver he's got a rich ability on leather work.See some of his kids training work

Outside view of Gibson school green house.

Some of the basic maths which Gibson Gibson's class learn.

Some of the girls in Gibson's class working on beaded necklaces.

Some of the green house project(tomato) in Gibson's school

Tomatoes and spinach in the green house at Gibson's school.

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