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Education is Light
8th Apr 2018


Hi! Everyone,

‘My name is Hamisi aged 19 years old. Am now in from 4 at a school called Mtwapa Starlight High school located within Mtwapa. Our school has a kids population of 264 kids. In our form 4 class we are 74 students in total i.e 32 girls and 42 boys. The subjects which we are doing arte Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Chemisrty, Physics, HIstory, Biology, Business Education, Geography and Agriculture. Among the named subjects my favorite subject is History.

My school day commences at 4.30 am as it’s the time when I wake up and start preparing myself for school. Soon I wake up ,I take my birth, dress up and do my reading. Thereafter I take my breakfast which I normally have black tea with ‘mahamri’ Swahili snacks. After taking my breakfast I begin my journey of going to school as am expected to be in school at 6.45am.Here below is my daily school timetable;-

7.00am -7.30am………………………morning preps whereby we do have free reading.

7.30am-8.20am………………………morning school assembly.

8.20am-10.20am……………………1st session of morning lessons begin.

10.20am-10.40am………………..morning break.

10.40am-12.30pm………………..2nd session of morning lessons.

12.30pm.1.30pm…………………..lunch, during lunch and break we have private mother cooks who come to the school to cook and sale food to us students at affordable prices..Most of the food they cook are like chapatti, beans, samosa, fried potatoes, mahamri and pilau.

1.30pm-4.00pm………………..afternoon class lessons.


5.00pm-6.00pm…………………..remedial/evening classes.

6.00pm……………………..leave for home.

In school games and sports, I normal participate in playing football whereby I play as position 6.In  athletics I do participate in field track running i.e 100 metres.

In summary I like to thank all of my sponsors who have been taking care of my education ever since I was in the kindergarten, throughout my primary school, secondary school since form 1 and now am in form 4 remaining with only 2 terms to complete my secondary education. I believe if it were not for the sponsors I would not been able to reach up to this far. Due to the sponsors support am now able to foresee my future as a bright future and I hope that all will be well soon I complete my secondary school. So far all what I have achieved through out my education will be of great help towards my future life. I also want to give my many thanks to all of my teachers who have taken me through my learning.

In terms of my career, previously when I was in primary school I had wanted to be an engineer but ever since I joined secondary school; and especially immediately i joined form 4 I started to have an idea of changing my career i.e from being an engineer to a hotel chef. The reason for being a chef is that I have my friend chef who has so far succeeded in his life from his work as a chef as result he’s the one who has given me the motivation to choose the career.

My hope is that when I complete my college and be employed as a chef I’ll be able to help my family and uplift them financially.

As I prepare for my final examination i.e the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) towards the end of this year I’ve been studying hard and doing lots of revision and I therefore believe that I’ll perform well.

Lastly for my hobbies, I love going for swimming and listening to music. However before doing any of my hobbies I most of the time and especially when am free at home I normal help my grandmother and my young brother in different household work like cooking, washing utensils and fetching water.

Thank you once again to all of my sponsors and everyone, goodbye,



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Diary Photos

A closer view of Hamisi possing for a photo outside their school

A closer view of Hamisi sitting for his end of term 1 exam.

A general view of Hamisi's main school building showing the school name.

A view of Hamisi starting his exam paper.

General view of Hamisi's form 4 class doing their end of term 1 examination.

Another general view of Hamisi's form 4 class doing their end term examination.

Hamisi possing for a photo outside their school..jpg

Hamisi school timetable.

Hamisi's end of term 1 exam time table.

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