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Education is Light
25th Apr 2018

 Hi! Every one,

‘My name is Mapenzi aged 22 years. Am happy to inform you that am going on well with my teaching course at the Imara Teachers’ College and soon completing my course i.e next year in July.

The subjects which am doing are Mathematics, English,Kiswahil,Social Studies,Christian Religious Education(CRE),Physical Education (PE).Creative Arts and Education. The Education subject is subdivided into 4 sections i.e Admistration where we study about general office management incase a teacher is given the responsibility of heading a school.The second subsection in education is curriculum whereby we learners study on the new developments in curriculum like now our Kenya school curriculum is being changed. The third subsection in education is psychology whereby a teacher is supposed to study a student learning ability,mind and skills.The fourth subsection of education is foundation whereby we learners are studying the history of education.

As I had said above,the Kenya Curriculum is changing and generally I like the new curriculum as its activities based curriculum in which it’s hard for students to forget.

 So far I have got lots of confidence in teaching due to the teaching practice which am now used to it as a result it further gives the confidence to speak in public.Also during my teaching practice I have learnt that kids have different learning abilities i.e some are slow learners while some re fast learners. Due to that I have found that the best way to assist a slow learner is to have a quick summary of revision with the specific kid on her/his previous class work and begin from there going up to the level of class he is.By doing so and as a teacher you’ll have assisted the child to have a good understanding of the subject topic.

My best subjects which I enjoy teaching are English,Social studies,Kiswahili and CRE.

At college while having class sessions each subject has a duration time of 2 hours i.e

8.00 am-10.00 am …………………1st lesson starts.

10.00am-11.00 am…………………morning break.

11.00 am-1.00 pm…………………2nd lesson.

1.00 pm-2.00 pm…………………..lunch break.

2.00 pm-4.00 pm…………………..3rd lesson.

4.00 pm-6.30 pm………………….free study and group study.

In terms of our internal exams we do them at least after every 2 semesters. Am working very hard  in college so that I can achieve my future life plans of being a college lecturer. Also I’d like to be a role model to the community and am sure I’ll encourage more girls who have being having challenges in their lives and difficulities in proceeding to go to school by giving a helping hand to some of the village girls just like me whom my entire eduiaction has been funded by you as my sponsors.

My hobbies are playing football and visiting friends.

Finally I say thank you to my sponsors who have stood by me eversince I was in primary school and now am just about to complete my college.

From your loving girl,


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Diary Photos

A general view of Mapenzi's college classmates.

A view of Mapenzi college lecturers during a teaching session.

Closer view of Mapenzi's college class desk.

Mapenzi in her college class.

A general view of Mapenzi's college classmates.

A second view of Mapenzi's college classmates.

Chart 4 inside Mapenzi college class.

Chart 5 inside Mapenzi's college class.

Some of the teaching aid charts inside Mapenzi's college class chart 1

Close view of Mapenzi.

Mapenzi possing for a photo at their college playing ground.

A general view of Mapenzi's college building.

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