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Our Grey Nomad Adventures
1st Jun 2018
Update on Kenny……. And us…

Thanks again to you for your calls, prayers and positive thoughts for Kenny. This has felt like a long haul as we have progressed forward in Kenny’s treatment. We know how blessed we are though that this was discovered when it was and it can be sorted. I know it has been a while since we posted…. So here goes the latest…

We will be doing the radiation seeding for Kenny’s prostate cancer on June 15th. We hope that, soon after that, we can head off towards WA. There will be a few flights back for Kenny while Charmaine takes him to the Drs for checks. But we hope all will be fine and we can stay in WA till late September.

Dad, and Charmaine & Phil, have been wonderful putting us up while we have been in Sydney for so long. It is wonderful to have such a loving family. Dad and I have been enjoying lots of Skipbo…. He is right now the reigning champion…. much to his delight. Mumba, Phil & Charmaine's dog, gets its lead the minute I arrive as he now loves me the most for all the walking I do with him.

I had a lovely night with my girlfriends, Maia and Domenica, for the Royal Wedding.

We did get a short trip in down to Fishos after Ken had the bladder operation. And today we have just come back from Canberra, where we had a few days. I loved the Cartier Exhibition !

Next week we are going to go to Mt Gambier via the Silo Art Trail in Victoria. We were going to head here straight after the seeding…. But the Dr tells us he wants us to stay a bit closer to Adelaide in the first instance. I guess it will just have to be the Barossa then…. Hic !

Tomorrow we have my niece’s BUBAQ. This is Dad’s first great grandchild and my twin’s first grandchild on his side. Very exciting. The baby is due early July.

Happy first day of winter to you all !

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Diary Photos

Kenny getting ready for one of his operations.

Kenny recovering after his bladder op

Hospital Escapee

Kenny was the butler

The War Memorial Canberra

Cartier Princess

Had to have a pair

Cuppa ???

Happy Mothers Day

Should we trade in FunUp for this ??

Caravan & Camping Show

Oh Phil creates such a cosy fire

Dancing Stars

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