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The writings from Ellie Parker
No Photos 8th Jun 2018
Everyone's Irish On Saint Patrick's Day - It's Time For A Party

I've just had a wonderful week on camp with my youngest boy and 57 other year 6 children plus 12 parents/teachers. We had a wonderful time and I took the opportunity to observe how everyone was eating. With this many people it is pretty indicative of how most of us will eat when we get in a group situation where the choice of when and what we eat is not available to us.Yes, it was a very sappy film. Yes, I cried multiple times while watching. But unlike the movie, the book actually takes place in Ireland, following widowed Holly as she uncovers 10 secret messages that her husband has left behind to help her move on. Plus, this was Irish author Cecelia Ahearn's first book. That she wrote when she was 21. 21 corned beef chilli cripes sake! 21!Abigail's Grille and Wine Bar, Simsbury Connecticut: This circa 1780 tavern, formerly Pettibone's Tavern, is named after it's resident female ghost "Abigail". Abigail enjoys appearing in the woman's restroom mirror and moving tables after closing. She also has a habit of touching people on the back. Employees have seen wine bottles fall off the shelves by themselves and have heard disembodied voices. Abigail's is offering a complete St. Patrick's Day dinner for 17.95. It includes leek and potato soup or garden salad for an appetizer, corned beef and cabbage for dinner and shamrock pie for dessert.Not up to going out and celebrating? There are always fun options at home and you can get the whole family involved. How about making bangers 'n mash - with green mash of course - or slow cooker corned beef and cabbage beef and cabbage? Adding green food coloring to milk, water, or other beverages is always a big hit no matter what age the consumer is.* Features a 1 touch pulse action button. Note: You should avoid running the the motor for over 1 minute. The longer the pulse action, the finer the texture of the food will be.With my versions of hot pastrami sandwiches, I can make them in just a few minutes over the hour it takes to slow cooker corned beef and cabbage and pastrami in beef broth. You may be able to find corned beef at a deli where you live.I am of Irish Descent and found it interesting as to how many people have no clue why we celebrate St. Patrick's Day. When most people hear the words they immediately think of wearing green, shamrocks, pub crawls, green beer, and slow cooker corned beef on high and cabbage. In Ireland it is considered a religious holiday and gets the attention like Christmas or Easter and businesses shut down for observance. There is more to the story of why this holiday came to be.When you want to feed a hungry crowd one pot camping meals are what you need to have. Regardless of whether its a Dutch oven meal, a skillet breakfast, or a huge pot of stew simmering about the coals, one pot meals make it effortless on the cook, are tasty and filling, and get everyone fed. If you are the camp cook, then you're always on the lookout for ways to simplify things without sacrificing taste. Here are some ideas to get that job done.Fish and chips, corned beef and cabbage dinner, reuben sandwiches and lamb stew are some of the dishes to be found at this Hartford, Ct Irish restaurant. Also located in the heart of the city, Vaughan's features a great sheperd's pie, as well as rashers (Irish bacon) and grilled tomatoes. Their desserts are also very good. Full bar. Pricey.

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