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Our Grey Nomad Adventures
11th Jul 2018
On our way to WA ……

Well Kenny got the okay from the Dr and so we left Sydney after Kenny had surprised his sister and niece who had travelled from Sth Africa.

Daddio waved us off (again….. he is an expert waver offer..) and we headed to Dubbo where FunUp had been lovingly cared for for the last 4 months by Stacey and Rob. Had a lovely catch-up lunch with Rainey in Orange en-route to Dubbo.

Spent a few great days with my sister, Chris, as we got FunUp ready for “the road” again. Rob made the most delicious paella one night. I had no idea paella was sooo complicated to make ! Thanks Rob so much.

We set off not knowing really where we were going to stay while we ambled towards Adelaide. When Ken got tired I checked WikiCamps and we stayed 1 klm down the road after that at Mirrool. What a great free camp spot ! There was already a huge tree root alight on a fire pit, showers, loos and a lovely bunch of people to chat away to.

Headed across the Hay Plains and ended up in Mildura a few days later where we camped right on the Murray (again !) For the first time we used our great firepit “thingy” that Jussie and Wayne gave us last year when we visited them on our way to The Tip. It is fabulous ! We have used it every night since ! Thanks Jussie and Wayne.

Phil & Chuz told us we HAD to go to Mungo National Park and see the Walls of China, so we headed to Pooncarrie to camp on the banks of the Darling River. Another magnificent spot ! We went to Mungo and shook our way through the corrugations there ! The CB aerial fell off… the dashcam fell off and then when we got back to Pooncarrie Ken could not get one of the side doors on the Cruiser open cos the collapsible ladder had fallen down on top of the door opener thingy….. Kenny persisted until he got it fixed. But even the road toThe Tip was not that bad ! Thank God we had not taken the caravan in there !

We passed the Bra Tree, the Torch Tree and the Shoe Tree on our way in. Are trying to think of a “unique” tree to start. Any ideas ?? Saw heaps of wildlife too. In fact, first night at Pooncarrie beside the river, a kangaroo as tall as Kenny came to pay us a visit. Came right up beside the van to check us out, followed by the

Are now in Renmark. Have spent the last 4 days exploring this area. Had no idea there were so may fruit trees, almond trees, grape vines etc here. You drive along the road and look out and as far as you can see there are all of the above. The oranges are falling off the trees everywhere and are so sweet. Have been spoilt with morning fresh squeezed orange juice for days. And I’m loving it !

Heading a bit closer to Adelaide tomorrow cos Kenny flies back to Sydney next Tuesday to see the Drs to make sure all is good. Thanks Chuz n Phil for looking after him while he is there. He seems to be doing well. The scans will confirm that next week.

Enjoy the pics ! Will post after Adelaide and on the way to crossing the Nullabor.

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Diary Photos

Stabilisers up.....WA here we come !

Everyone in other caravans are going the other way..

Camped on the Darling River

Campfires on the Darling River at Pimaroo

In Mildura

The tracks found on Mungo Lake

The sandhills in Mungo.

What fun trees....

Don't believe the brochure !!!!

Last morning with Daddio

Taste testing the wine casks ...

We love you Dubbo-ites

Big Tyre right across the road as you drive into SA

First night Mirrool.....

Happy Birthday Josephine

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