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Education is Light
1st Aug 2018
Former Babington Academy teacher visits Mtwapa Academy-Kenya, Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! Everyone,

Am happy to speak with all again after a while! Hope you are all doing fine with your families. All is well here in Mtwapa, Kenya.

Courtesy of Miss Sara Fletcher of Babington Academy,England and Gail Hammonds of Mtomondoni Sponsorship Program, am happy to inform you that late last week on 26th July, Mtwapa Academy school received a former Babington Academy teacher named Miss Charlotte Jermy who is a Mathematics, History and Arts teacher. Miss Jermy has been a former teacher at Babington Academy,England.

Briefly, Babington Academy,England being a very close friend to Mtwapa Academy through Miss Sara Fletcher has been assisting the Kenyan school through the initial building work of the school kindergarten department which now accommodates a total of 143 kids only in the kindergarten. The overall total kids population currently at Mtwapa Academy stands at 477 kids, thanks to the tireless efforts of Miss Sara Fletcher and Miss Gail Hammonds of the Mtomondoni Sponsorship Program who have been able to find various well-wishers and donors so as  to upgrade the school facilities i.e by  building  of new permanent classrooms, school library, school computers, digging of school well, building of the school kitchen, sponsoring needy kids in the school among other assistance like helping the school in paying for its school teachers’ salaries.

It’s through the above efforts on assistance of Miss Sara Fletcher and Miss Gail Hammonds to Mtwapa Academy which has now attracted so many kids from the local community to the school where the students population has risen from 300 to 477 kids,thanks Sara,thanks Gail and all the well-wishers who have contributed in upgrading Mtwapa Academy.

It’s through the upgrading and financial support to the school that now Mtwapa Academy is posting very good results in the national examinations and a very good example is last year 2017 where Mtwapa Academy emerged to a 2nd position  out of  530 schools in our Kilifi County in both Mathematics and English subjects. Nationally Mtwapa Academy was among the top 10 schools to post excellent results in both Mathematics and English subjects where two of the students scored 97 percent in Mathematics and 96 percent in English in the Kenya Certificate Of Primary Education (KCPE).As a result 4 of the students at Mtwapa Academy were enrolled into national school while the rest were admitted into very good provincial/county schools.

As per Miss Charlotte Jermy  visit to Mtwapa Academy, she has so far helped in teaching where she has  taught Mathematics in both STD 7 and STD 8.From Miss Jermy views she says and I quote………………’The behavior of the kids At Mtwapa Academy is good. The kids are soo enthusiastic and understand very quickly and really focused. However I noted some difficulties in both STD 7 and 8 students while I was teaching them Algebra i.e collecting like terms. I found out that some kids were having difficulties in working on negative numbers, some were having difficulties in working out on decimals but later on after teaching them they were all able to work them out easily. Other difficulties I saw in the kids were working on indexes in Algebra in both classes but later on after teaching them, more than half of the classes were able to work out on the indexes easily’ end of quote.

Apart from teaching, Miss Charlotte Jermy has helped in cooking at the school by joining the school cooks in cooking food for the kids at school especially during the official school closing day where the menu was ‘pilau’.The kitchen where Miss Jermy worked in is the same kitchen which was recently built by a donor called Gerald Trevor through Miss Sara Fletcher and Miss Gail Hammonds of England. While at the kitchen Miss Jermy helped in washing of the dishes, mashed garlic in preparation for cooking pilau and also helped to serve the kindergarten kids with porridge. Apart from teaching and working in the kitchen, Miss Jermy has financial assisted the school by donating a total of Kshs.12,000/= to the school through the Mtwapa Academy school director,Rahab. The donated money is to assist Rahab is paying for some of her school teachers’ salaries. Rahab was happy to receive the donation from Miss Jermy and has not only thanked Jermy but also has extended her appreciations to Miss Sara Fletcher and Miss Gail Hammonds for connecting Miss Jermy to Mtwapa Academy through the Mtomondoni Sponsorship Program. Please see pictures from our picture gallery ref.Miss Jermy Visit and Mtwapa Academy in general.

All schools in Kenya are officially closing by this week Friday, however Mtwapa Academy is officially closing today. However Miss Jermy will resume her teaching at the school as the STD 8 kids will be back to school next week on Monday 6th for their holiday tuition in preparation for their final KCPE examination scheduled toward the end of October 2018. Thereafter on 24th August, Miss Jermy will depart back to England marking the end of her Kenya visit.

With that I say…..’kwaheri’ bye l and thanking  you all for your support towards the Mtomondoni Sponsorship Program, be blessed.


Moses Kopulo (Mtomondoni Sponsorship Program coordinator-Africa).

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Diary Photos

A clap for the best performers.

A closer look at the pilau pot, see aslo Miss Jermy doing the cooking.

A cook serving food to the kids.

A general view of Mtwapa Acadmy kids during the school closing assembly.

A general view of Rahab, head teacher Mr.Baya, madam Frida and the kids.

A view ofthe kindergarten kids at Mtwapa Academy.

Another STD 4 teacher receiving her present.

Another STD 5 teacher receiving her present.

Charlotte Jermy washing cups and plates picture 2

Closer view of Mtwapa Academy kids.

Closer view of the kids queing for food, the menu was pilau.

Cooks at work in the school kitchen.

Free time at Mtwapa Academy during the closing day.

No Title

No Title

No Title

IRE teacher receiving her present.

KG 3 teacher receiving her present.

Miss Charlotte doing the washing picture 4.

Miss Charlotte Jermy having her pilau lunch with Rahab.

Miss Charlotte Jermy washing cups and plates at the school picture 5.

Miss Jermy at work in the school new kitchen.

Miss Jermy at work!!!

Miss Jermy joining the cooks in the kitchen.

Miss Jermy stirring the pilau before drying.

More view of Miss Jermy in the kitchen.

More view of the Mtwapa kids during end of term closing of school assembly

More view of the shool cooks serving pilau to the kids.

More views of the school kids

Mr.Baya the school headteacher also receives his present from Rahab.

Mr.Baya(in white and blue shirt) having a chart with Rahab and madam Frida during the school closing assembly.

Mtwapa Academy kids during closing of school assembly.

Mtwapa Academy teachers receiving presents after their classes performed well.

Mtwapa Acdemy kids queing for food during the closing day.

School cooks in the kitchen.

School kids and teachers congratulating everyone who performed well.

Some of the female teachers at Mtwapa Acdemy during free time on the clossing day.

Some of the Mtwapa Acdemy kids receiving their presents after permoning well during the closing day.

Std 4 teacher receiving her present.

STD 5 teacher receiving her present.

STD 6 teacher receiving his present.

Std 7 teacher receiving his present.

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