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JT12 - Hangover in Hannover
Our latest 5 diary entries

9th Jun 2018 - 10th Jun 2018 - JT12 - Hangover in Hannover
The home of Becks
Sitting on yet another German train bound for a mystery city.... Jimbo has his head firmly into his German tour guide book (he's had his money's worth out of that) and Stevie B has his infamous don't tal...
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8th Jun 2018 - 9th Jun 2018 - JT12 - Hangover in Hannover
The dirty dozen
On a train bound for a mystery city a man dressed as hulk has just come round selling snacks and a dildo, the weather outside is 30 plus degrees and we are hungover as fuck. . . You gotta love a summer jimbotours.A...
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5th Nov 2017 - JT11-Warsaw,WeCame,WeConquered
Into the ghetto
After 11 years of touring we are back in the country where it all started in the long, hot summer of 2007, Poland.As always this part of the world doesn’t disappoint in terms of pig based meals, strong beer...
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3rd Nov 2017 - JT11-Warsaw,WeCame,WeConquered
The Second Decade Starts Here
So here we are 11 years young and ready to board our budget airline towards eastern Europe once again. Things have changed a bit over the years and the whip has even stretched to extra legroom seats. Our first cla...
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20th Nov 2016 - 21st Nov 2016 - JT10 - Touring Decadence
Forgive me father for I have sinned......'s been 10 years since my last confession and I don't know where to start.      Let's begin with your most recent sins my son and we can go from there. Ok well we awake in Leipzig to the familia...
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