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Export to China, Mianyang
Hi. I'm now into my sixth year of teaching in China. My first year, described in the first 34 entries was spent in Hanzhong, south of Xian, in Shaanxi Province. Then in August 2013 I moved a little further south to Mianyang, near Chengdu, in Sichuan Province. I hope you continue to enjoy reading about my time here. Welcome to my Export to China.
My latest 5 diary entries

27th Aug 2016 - 31st Aug 2016
Shanghai (and Suzhou) visit part 2
I got on the Metro early to return to Pudong’s supertall and megatowers. In the morning sunshine an ascent looked less vertigo inducing than in the dark. All three towers have observation decks; of course I we...
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25th Aug 2016 - 26th Aug 2016
Shanghai visit part 1
Shanghai is very photogenic, so a few more photos than some other blogs. And it’s the place to see the world’s most … (choose superlative). To start early with these, arrive at Pudong Internatio...
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3rd Apr 2016 - 22nd Apr 2016
Decoding English and Chinese literature
I was watching the high jump at the Tianfu sports weekend when a student sidled up and asked if I could help with a difficult passage in the English book he was reading. Yes I said but became a little anxious as he ...
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9th Mar 2016 - 27th Mar 2016
Flexible birthdays and other Chinese flexibility
It was my birthday this week. Last year a student friend sent me a text message: ‘happy birthday to us and it’s also my birthday today”. So this year I remembered to wish her a happy birthday. The ...
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24th Feb 2016 - 26th Feb 2016
Langzhong - old vinegar town
Chinese cities frequently have more than one inter-city bus station. Fortunately the day before intended departure, I went to the main one in Mianyang that I knew of, to find that the bus to Langzhong went from a ...
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