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Jacques Miranda
No Photos 14th Nov 2011
All About Car Auctions Melbourne

You can easily gain access to hundreds of public Auto Auctions Melbourne listings by becoming a member of a car auction listing site. This can also work to your benefit, like for example, you are a parent and you want to give your kid a car as a graduation gift - you can buy your gift online and there is no way your kid will ever find out about it.

Seized car sites such as Car Auctions Melbourne provide services like car bidding, buy and sell for free. All you have to do is fill up an online form to request the car that you want and dealers will bid their prices and it will be up to you to choose which the best deal is.

You can compare the prices and quotes and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your house. These dealers range from wholesalers, bank repo guys, and private seller. The best thing about this is that the service is free.

And if you're an individual car seller, you can also bid if there is a request for the kind of car you are selling.

Another site called Gov-Auction also provides online government car auction services. They had great resources to seized vehicles all over the country. For a fee, you can become a member and gain unlimited access to their resources and databases.

Repossessed and seized cars are usually released by the government agencies all year round. Since it cost money and space to store and maintain these vehicles and the government agencies always have a constant surplus of seized cars, they are more than willing to let go of these cars at cheap prices.

In fact, you can buy a cheap used car at government seized auctions for more than 90% off the retail market price. Some of these cars are still in relatively good condition as well.

The trick for making money at car auctions is to buy at minimum and selling at maximum (as in real estate and stocks). However, to achieve success in this field, you have to take the job as a mission making it a point that time is as important as investing money.

You need to be familiar with the prices. You should have a solid idea and knowledge of the market, prior to bidding at a car auction. The "blue book," is the most widely known and popular resource for pricing used and new autos. You can find it supplemented by a host of Internet sites that can provide you realistic pricing on cars of all makes and models.

Try to research the market thoroughly. Read auto magazines for fully understanding the market and the industry. You can find auto sales sections in the newspapers and magazines such as Auto Hunter, which particularly specializes in auto sales.

Grasp and try to comprehend demand. You can gain enormous profits if you have proper knowledge for the types of cars that can be sold best in your region. You can test the market by checking sales volume at area dealerships and auctions so that you can gain idea about selling. Besides this, economy is another major factor you need to take into consideration.

Research the auctions. Many auto auctions are "dealer only," while there are several others open to the common public. Car Auctions Melbourne Photo 95

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